It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
The Warlock and the Wolf, by Delfy Hall
A scientist. A warlock. A wolf.

These three will determine the fate of Holland.

In 1647, Holland no longer persecutes witches, and many people don't believe in witchcraft, including Mina Walraven, a young scientist.

Descended from freed slaves, orphan Mina trains as a naturalist in The Hague. She dreams of becoming renowned enough to succeed her mentor. And, of course, as a good scientist, she doesn't believe in magic.

But when her parents' killer, rumored to be a warlock, escapes from prison and kills again, she must question everything she knows in order to solve a mystery and save her world from destruction....
Magickal Rebirth: Awaken the Witch Within & Harness the Power of the Occult (How to Become a Witch Book 1), by Eira McIntyre
What If There Was a Way for You to Unlock Your Full Magickal Powers? What If You Could Break Free from This Mundane Life and Pierce the Secrets to a Higher Form of Existence?
Have you ever felt like something was missing in your life? Like there was a whole world out there, full of mystery and wonders, but you had no idea how to reach it and tap into its power?

Witchcraft can be a way for you to bridge that gap. To contact the hidden forces that inhabit this world and learn not only how to work alongside them but how to develop your own inner strength! There's a small problem, though… Magick can make all your dreams come true but it can also destroy you! It's a double...
Legitimate Careers for the Stay-at-Home Mom, by Hope Andrews
Are you scrambling to pay your bills while staying at home to look after your children? Are you searching for a legitimate way to earn a decent income from home? If so, look no further! This book will give you advice on finding a legitimate, well-paid career from home. You will discover the requirements, pros, and con, of several careers that can earn you real money, all while sitting at your home computer. So stop worrying, and start earning!...

Matt Thorn is the Specialist: a legend in the black ops realm, destroying targets with surgical precision, attacking with lethal determination - accomplishing the impossible. Now, Thorn's mission is to liquidate a Mafia druglord and destroy the Godfather's deadly heroin pipeline. But no plan survives contact with the enemy. Stalked by an army of hitmen, betrayed by a traitor in his own ranks, Thorn will need more than skill and firepower to survive - he'll need to unleash hell on earth.

Kill Zone is a savage action thriller - the mythic story of a lone gunfighter battling impossible odds. Book 1 in a new action and adventure series....
Into Autumn: A Novel, by Larry Landgraf
The economy of the United States has failed, government has shut down, and the grid has gone offline. No Internet, no TV, no utility services. There is rioting, killing, and chaos everywhere. You have no water and little food. You hear gunshots then banging at your door. You have no gun. What do you do? It is not a question of whether or not this will happen but when. Could you survive if it happened tomorrow? The lives of Lars Lindgren and Eileen Branson have been turned upside down. Follow their struggle; learn how they must change in order to survive.
Wolves' Knight (The Free Wolves Book 2), by P.J. MacLayne
Tasha Roeper knows what it means to protect your own. So when her friend, Dot Lapahie, CEO of Lapahie Enterprises, suspects that the Free Wolves are under attack, Tasha immediately signs on to lead the investigation and guard Dot.

But Tasha's not convinced it's the Free Wolves that are the target. She fears that her own pack-the Fairwood Pack-are the actual quarry and Dot is only a decoy.

The deeper Tasha digs, the more puzzles she uncovers.

Torn between tradition and a changing world, will Tasha risk everything to save a friend-including her own life-when old enemies arise?...
Orders of Magnitude (The Genie and the Engineer Series Book 2), by Glenn Michaels
Newlyweds Paul and Capie Armstead are also the world's newest wizards in over 400 years.

Sadly, the other wizards of the world, who control all of Earth's governments, are trying to get rid of both bride and groom. Which is how Paul finds himself desperately learning how to combine technology with their newly acquired powers. He has no other choice, if he wants to save himself and his wife-and as long as he's at it, the rest of humanity as well! Paul has definite plans of how to deal with these power mongering wizards. Unfortunately, those evil lowlifes have no intentions of leaving the young couple alone long enough to complete any research. Between avoiding monsters known as Oni, bad wizards and doing near-impossible e...
Stellar Fox (Castle Federation Book 2), by Glynn Stewart

Captain Kyle Roberts delivered one of the Castle Federation's few victories in the early days of the war. Even losing his ship in the process didn't prevent him being elevated as the hero - the "Stellar Fox" - his country desperately needed.

His status with the public demands a worthy command, and he finds himself on the bridge of the Federation's latest supercarrier and headed to the front lines of the war.

But the Navy sees his promotion as a public relations stunt. His subordinates and superiors alike question his lack of experience - and enemies at the highest level of his own government manoeuvre to destroy him.

As the war heats up around him...