It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
The Hell Of Osirak: (Betrayal) ((Betrayal, Redemption and Salvation Trilogy) Book 1), by Jaye Rothman

The year is 1981. The Osirak nuclear facility will become operational in a few weeks. Can British MI6 agent Nikki Sinclair stop an Armageddon of unimaginable horror and destruction from engulfing the Middle East?

Sinclair is sent on a mission that will be fraught with danger, deception and betrayal. Unexpectedly she encounters her ex-lover, Dvora Bar Zahavi who is an agent for the Mossad, is this a coindence? Or are dark forces gathering around Sinclair?

Sparks fly again, and Sinclair's emotions are twisted and torn, can she trust Dvora? Can she trust her own side? Or perhaps no one at all?

This fast paced, action pack...
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The Tarnished Shooter, by Charles James
Psychological, fast, absorbing and compelling true to life tale about growing up in a Wisconsin lumber town. The streets are full of adventure and it is easy to follow the wrong path, especially if one runs with the criminal types. Frank Henry Barker, a coming of age teen feels the pressure of abuse and bullying and finally decides to get his revenge. With so many skeletons in his closet, what will it take for him to survive and succeed?

..."The Tarnished Shooter" is a compelling five star story of adversity, adventure and the consequences of the choices one makes and is based on actual events. This is a book you won't forget for a long, long time…

Everyday decisions hang on an invisible string, pulling ea...
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The Silver Tower (The Silver Tower Saga Book 1), by Colee Firman
At eighteen-years-old, Sophie Hayden's entire life has already been planned out for her. Just like her parents, she's on the fast track to becoming a Guide for The Silver Tower. In three weeks, she'll graduate from Slatemore Academy and move away from home--away from her controlling father and spoiled siblings.

When Sophie heads out to do fieldwork required for graduation, she hardly expects to cross paths with students from her school--much less witness them using an ancient relic that's not supposed to leave the grounds of Slatemore.
Sophie's decision to find out exactly what they're up to nearly costs her everything. It seems like a miracle when Leo Emerik swoops in and saves her from disaster. Sophie's ready to thank h...
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EDYL - Island of Immortality, by Mark Capell
*** SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE *** It's 2117 and the government has stopped reading your emails. It now reads your mind...

Every year, WOCO (the world government) nominates people to compete in the Edyl Olympiad. The prize? Immortality, and the right to live in the only place left in the world where the sun still shines -- Edyl Island. But the competitors are watched by a secret government division called The Reading Department to see if they're worthy of that prize.

R77K is a thought reader on his first Edyl assignment. He has three targets: a rock singer, an athlete, and a mechanic. But one of them also mo...
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Charlotte's Wedding: A 21st Century Jane Austen Novel (21st Century Jane Austen Novels), by Mary Rizza
You are invited to Charlotte's Wedding - a contemporary reimagining of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, the first book in the 21st Century Jane Austen Novel series.

Every mother wants the best for her daughters and Patsy Nicholson has particular reasons for wanting her three daughters - Rachel, Meredith and Shelley - to have secure futures.

When their plain, dull cousin Charlotte announces her engagement to a man with little going for him other than a huge bank balance, Patsy sets out a plan for her girls to raise their game and look for well-off, well-established men to marry.

Rachel, the smart and confident owner of a bookshop, is happily independent but keepi...
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Urdaisunia, by Kyra Halland
***Special low price good through 25 July 2014!***

Rashali, a widowed Urdai peasant, lives in a land wracked by hunger, plague, and poverty. Urdaisunia, once favored by the gods above all other lands, now lies defeated and in ruins, and the gods, displeased by the Urdais' weakness, have turned their backs on the land and left it to die. Rashali has vowed to destroy the conquering Sazars and restore Urdaisunia to greatness, but her people are too broken to fight.

Prince Eruz, heir to the Sazar throne, is driven by his conscience to do what is best for all the people of Urdaisunia, Urdai and Sazar alike. His father the King views his concern for the Urdai as an unforgivable weakness, and Eruz walks a dangerous lin...
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The Commons: Book 1: The Journeyman, by Michael Alan Peck
"niquely crafted...simply a marvelously well-written make-believe story..." - Grady Harp, Amazon Hall of Fame reviewer

"I'm a huge fan of the genre and Mr. Peck manages to bring something fresh and engrossing to the table." - violet13


"Paul Reid died in the snow at seventeen. The day of his death, he told a lie-and for the rest of his life, he wondered if that was what killed him."

And so begins the battle for the afterlife, known as The Commons. It's been taken over by a corporate raider who uses the energy of its souls to maintain his brutal control. The result is an imaginary landscape of a broken America-stuck in time and overrun by the heroes, monsters, dreams, ...
[TR][TD]USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil India Mexico [/TD][/TR][TR][TD]One Last Time: a novel, by Jan Strnad[/TD][/TR][TR][TD][/TD][TD]Grief counselor and skeptic Claire Devane finds her life turned upside down when the recently deceased begin to return from the hereafter to visit the living one last time. Secrets are revealed. Love and longing… betrayal, murder, guilt… the visitations bring them all out of the shadows and into the light. It's a strange new world, one that threatens to swallow her whole....[/TD][/TR][TR][TD]USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil India Mexico [/TD][/TR]