It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
One Good Man, by Beth Lanier
Sarah Brandon seemed to have it all. She was an artist, entrepreneur and a successful marketing executive. Her business was thriving and to anyone who asked, so was her marriage and her life. After a devastating year of life-altering loss, Sarah is haunted and tortured by memories and betrayal. More than anything, she needs a change. Sarah leaves her childhood home in Atlanta, Georgia with her Doberman, Mochi, and sets out to find peace and balance once again in the breathtaking setting of rural Montana.

Sarah's search for peace is disturbed when she arrives in Kalispell. While setting up her art studio, Sarah meets her new neighbor Gordon Taylor, a handsome single father and his precious six-year-old son, Jeremy. Sarah l...
Sacrifice (The Lacey Hannigan Series), by Elaine Pierson
Life on Black Hills mountain has been peaceful and quiet for Lacey and Cole. Now that they're mated, it seems that nothing can come between them. That is, until a stranger from Lacey's past shows up with a startling revelation that not only changes their lives, but threatens to tear them apart forever.
Lacey's determination to keep her family safe brings out a side of her, she didn't know existed. After being captured by a ruthless human who'll stop at nothing to destroy her, she now understands how deep the need for vengeance can damage a person's mind and soul.
Tortured and mentally broken, Lacey is forced to do the unthinkable in order to save the people she loves. Even if that means delving into the same kind of...
Learning To Fly (TNT Force Cheer Book 1), by Dana Burkey
Max Turner is a tom boy through and through. Her favorite activities include hunting, fishing, playing sports, and running around with her neighbors Peter and Kyle. But, when Max meets some girls doing flips and tricks at the local trampoline park she gets introduced to a whole new world. With her dad's encouragement Max finds herself in a place she never imagined she would be: an all star cheerleading gym. TNT Force is one of the best cheerleading gyms in North Texas, and between the glitter, massive hair bows, and over the top dance moves Max is sure she has no place in the gym. But, as she soon learns, she has skills that even top cheerleaders and gymnasts work years to develop. Will Max tough it out and give cheerleading a chance, or wi...
Yetunde: The Life and Times of a Yoruba girl in London (1), by Segilola Salami
Yetunde is a series of stories that follows the every day life of 6 month old Yetunde as she's narrated African folktales by her mom Iya Yetunde whilst growing up in London. Iya Yetunde also tries to improve her Yoruba speaking ability, so we see a nice mish mash of Yoruba and English. The folktales are of West African origin.

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The book has been written in such a way that it can be enjoyed by both adults and children alike. Adults can read the book for their own enjoyment or as bedtime stories for kids ages 3-8 (even younger). Older children can read the book by themselve...
A Nose for Murder: Cozy Mystery (A Riverside Lodge and Kennel Cozy Mystery Book 1), by Libby Saywell
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Daphne Coleman's life is not going at all as planned, and it just got worse. Here she is, back after college, working full-time now at her old summer job as kennel manager at Riverside Lodge and Kennel. So much for her hard-earned degree in Greek and Roman mythology!

To make matters worse, the Lodge is now owned by a former classmate and the homecoming queen, Cassandra Weatherstone, who's dating the love of Daphne's life while running the place into the ground with her outlandish ideas.

But that comes to a screeching halt when Daphne's Labrador Naiad sniffs out a dead body which turns out to be Cassandra, brutally stabbed.

Suddenly everyone is a s...
A Paw-sible Theory: A Murfy the Cat Mystery, by Anna Kern
When Ethan Hille discovers his mother Alyx slumped over her kitchen table bleeding from a gash in her head, he suspects foul play. Who would want to hurt Alyx? Surely, her three cats - two small females, Misty and Pooky, and the old master, Murfy - couldn't know, although, they do seem very distressed over their mistresses' condition. The police investigator, Detective Smarts, is immediately suspicious of Ethan, wondering if the young man bashed his mom in the head earlier and then left only to return a short time later with Maggie to "discover" the injured woman. Neighbors had heard mother and son arguing - ostensibly about Ethan's spending habits.
The evidence quickly mounts and, before Alyx recovers and is released ...
Alessandra, by Ann M Pratley
After receiving news from her parents of a possible betrothal, Alessandra, an 18 year old with an ingrained belief that no-one would ever wish to marry her, finds herself in a love so great that at times she cannot breathe. To marry someone like herself - someone she can go on a sexual journey of learning and exploration with, who also has no previous experience in such pleasures - contributes to her finding a degree of emotional and physical love that she has never before realised could exist. But that love will be tested by someone from her past with sinister intentions, jealous of the physical love she shares with her husband. Someone set on doing whatever he can do - whatever he must do - to have the woman he desires, no matter the cost...
Stories Gathered at the Kitchen Table: A Collection of Women's Memoirs, by Anne Randolph
"Raw and unfiltered, meaningful writing from the heart." Bold women share the stories that bolstered their confidence to become business women, leaders, mothers, healers, politicians, artists, pilots and trendsetters. In the safe haven of Kitchen Table Writing, creators from the 1950s to Columbine write life stories that resonate with women across generations. Everyone has a story to tell, and the courageous women featured in this collection have done just that. Once a week for a year (some for more than four years!) these women wrote, shared, laughed, cried, and created a community of respect, appreciation, and support. They gathered at Kitchen Table Writing to "Write Your Life Story" and in the process changed their worlds and themselves....