It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
The Forty Watt Flowers, by C. Subasic
Living in the indie band capital Athens, GA, Trisha decides to start her own punk band. Four young women are brought together and The Forty Watt Flowers are formed.

Rosemarie, on keyboards, has a sex drive as fierce as a tornado. Aline, the singer, is a hermit, scratching out poems in her antebellum mansion. Juanita, on drums, has a poison tongue a little too quick on the draw. Toni, on guitar, made the mistake of heading South to come out of the closet.

In addition to managing her crew of misfits, Trisha struggles to figure out the chaos of her own life. The relationship with Brent is caught in the roller-coaster of his moods. She "lost touch" with her parents two years ago (and they probably still blame he...
My Spirit Lover: First Contact, by Atkin Michaels
A very real, very raw and very intimate personal journal kept over the first 90 day period to record my personal experiences after making a spontaneous contact with a sexual spirit; which is known by many as a "Succubus," or sex demon. This journal reflects on how my initial thoughts about and reaction to this contact from a being from another dimension changed from that of shock, fright and confusion. To finally move to a place of acceptance and understanding; which has spurred on spiritual growth within me. This book documents the bond and the relationship that was formed with this sexual spirit in the months following that first spontaneous contact. I have also included some helpful advice, links and a few of the rituals that I ...
My Spirit Lover: Closer Contact, by Atkin Michaels
This very real, very raw and very intimate personal journal kept over the next 100 days, continues on from where the first book,"My Spirit Lover - First Contact" left off. After having made spontaneous contact over two years ago with a sexual spirit; which is known by many as a "Succubus," or sex demon. These journal entries record how that initial contact with this sexual spirit from another dimension, has both grown and changed into a beautiful and loving relationship. They highlight the most intimate contact experiences that I have had with my spirit lover. This second book completes the 190 days of recorded contacts and experiences. It also sets sets the stage for the third and final book on the rituals that were used to make s...
Catalyst: Change is inevitable - she'll see to it., by K.C. Cairn
Thrown a thousand years into the future, Keata Windhunter faces more than a personal crisis. Her entire race is gone, and the people she sees around her now are a vague shadow of who they should be.

She's the sidekick, content to follow the lead of the super-powered, hiding in plain sight to protect a secret. When it is discovered, she is used to betray everything and everyone she holds dear. And now, she's the only one that knows Super is possible.

Time itself seems fractured and unstable, colliding and changing reality. Instinct tells her she can fix it and three clues should help - interactive glyphs just under her skin, ancient scribblings from a crazy woman, and her own fragmented memories.

Only Forty More Years, by Carter Matthew
This intellectually funny, and easy to relate to, fictional work with dramatic undertones is a first-person story that centers around the humorously skeptical recent college graduate, Sean Bronson, as he lands his first "real" job and learns to navigate the treacherous waters of corporate America - beginning to realize that incompetence and underhandedness abound in every corner and that office life can often be anything but professional. The story is set in the headquarters of a multi-billion dollar home furnishing company located in the modern day suburban landscape of Long Island, New York.

The story begins as the sarcastically precocious, yet introspective, Sean is waiting his last table at a depressing, dream-graveyard...
Bonita Faye, by Margaret Moseley
Margaret Moseley's colorful and unforgettable Edgar Award-finalist that captures Fannie Flagg's homespun charm and Janet Evanovich's laugh out loud humor.

When small town girl Bonita Faye's abusive husband, car salesman and fishing guide Billy Roy is killed, she begins an adventurous new life that takes her from Poteau, Oklahoma to Paris and back again in a story of murder and redemption...and more murder... stretching over three decades.

"Bonita Faye is one of the funniest, most resourceful and optimistic fictional heroines you'll ever come across." Dallas Morning News

"Bonita Faye is the Eliza Doolittle of the dust bowl." Associated Press

"Poignant, humorous, captivating...a startli...
A Walk with Mud: a story of two friends hiking from Canada to Mexico on the Pacific Crest Trail, by Anna Herby
Mud and Bug both love the same thing: hiking. Certain that this passion can transcend the complications of their relationship, they set off on a journey to walk from Canada to Mexico, 2,660 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail. Together, they brave snow-covered slopes in the Cascades of Washington, walk through lava fields in Oregon, navigate a smoky haze of wildfire in Northern California, climb eleven thousand foot mountain passes in the High Sierra and revel in the desolate beauty of the Mojave desert in fall.

But just two weeks into the adventure they break up. With four months of hiking still ahead, they find that navigating the new terms of their relationship is just as hard as navigating the wilderness. As a veteran U.S. Ar...
They Came from the River (The Sarea Legends Book 1), by Lauren Jimerson
Pliny, Michigan is a town unlike any other in America that has the peaceful Iroquois River flowing through it. It is a diverse, but poor village built on the traditions of ancestry, marriage, and inheritance in which the old families used to hold power and rank.

Siobhan June is a successful author from an old family. After returning back to her childhood home for her great-grandmother's funeral, she is commissioned by the Pliny Historical Society to write a biography of the city. In her pursuit of writing a worthwhile book, she stumbles on to a murder mystery that awakens a deeply rooted, ancient magic that is associated with the river, Pliny, and even Siobhan, herself....