It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Almost Right with the World, by Lucinda O'Neill
Passionella Davenport has been unwilling to risk her heart since her husband Fletcher, an off-Broadway director, confessed his preference for men. Now, ten years later, she is about to get a second chance at life and love in the unlikeliest of places. Divorced, unemployed, and running out of money, she journeys to rural Newbridge, Connecticut, to house sit Fletcher's boyhood home-and falls hard for Jeff Woodrow, a local woodworker and weekend musician. In every way, Jeff is the opposite of Fletcher-masculine, rugged, handy-and when he grabs her in a passionate embrace, she feels wanted.

But there's a problem. Jeff's ex-wife Julie is Passionella's new next-door neighbor and new best friend. And one thing is becoming...
The Power Flux: A Novel, by Ben Scott Craig
A thought-provoking mix of dystopian, political, and metaphysical themes in a fast-paced adventure about the collapse of the fossil fuel era.

"Dystopian novels all too frequently take predictable paths, but the special pleasure of this story lies in its attention to building believable worlds, protagonists, goals, and bigger pictures. Add a fast-paced story line and an ending that wraps everything up while leaving the door ajar for further possibilities and you have a compelling, thought-provoking adventure that takes dark trends and adds hope, change, and love into the mix. It's a powerful cocktail of emotion and action, and is highly recommended for fans of dystopian fiction looking for something more vivid, political, ...
Graffiti, by Joanie Pariera
"Dealing With Personal Freedom In A Changing Global India"It is a changing world in 'Graffiti' - young India thrust into that realm of personal freedom like never before. If breaking the mould is difficult, finding your footing in an ever-changing world is just as challenging as IT professionals Vipin, Rene and Upasana find out. Throw in an extra helping of real world situations and certain 'out of their world' characters, and the already inflamed situation goes out of control. Life then filters down to those little moments, the barely noticeable things that happen in between things, that surprise or shock...
The Dark Ones (Black Werewolves Book 1), by Gaja J. Kos
In a world ruled by lethal Slavic immortals, Rose and her pack of Black werewolves are drawn into the beginning of a war as they try to uncover the being behind the mass murder of White werewolves.

Because the nature of the killings obstructs the normal passage of souls, Veles, the sultry lord of the underworld, offers Rose his assistance; the were is left facing not only the new knowledge of the pack's hidden lineage but also her growing fondness for the arrogant god...

To win the war, the pack must ascend to The Dark Ones. But to do so, they must be willing to risk being on the receiving end of the immortal community's wrath....
ReUnited: A Gift from God (Window of the Heart Book 1), by Madlyn Marshall
In ReUnited - A Gift from God; the characters struggle with their faith in God, and the pain from their past. Can they truly forgive? Can they trust God and allow Him to heal their brokenness? Tony and Elaine have the opportunity to answer these questions and more because they are thrown together in an unlikely place, on top of a mountain in Alberta, Canada. There is no place for either of them to go, so they are force to face their fears and their past lives together....
Takedown (Grace deHaviland Bounty Hunter Book 4), by David DeLee

Under arrest and on trial for murder, Grace deHaviland might have laughed off the irony of being out on bail, her being a bounty hunter and all.

But when an old enemy comes gunning for her-literally-by blowing up her car, targeting her closest friends for death, and then, makes the biggest mistake of all-takes BCI Agent Eugene Booker hostage, Grace takes matters into her own hands. She jumps bail.

Pursued by a no-nonsense bounty hunter whose skills are as good as her own and confronted by deadly danger at every turn, Grace will do whatever it takes to save her lover's life, including taking down anyone who gets in her way. The legal system be damned!...
Mystery: Wicked Vampire: Cozy Mystery Vampire Witch Short Story (Cozy Mystery, Vampire, Woman Sleuth, Detective, Witch, Short Story), by S. Y. Robins
Cozy Mystery
Vampire Horror Cozy Mystery

Sina Wheeler is your typical woman, living with her roommate, working from home, and trying to make it day by day. A regular at the Druid's Grove Sina has a few unusual friends, including a witch named Oona, but her best friend is her roommate, Gia. And Gia may just be a vampire. Or a Goth sunk so far into the lifestyle that she's harming herself. Sina dismisses Gia's behaviours and pale appearance as a phase, after all, her friend lost her parents at an early age. Who else would have the right to be depressed and into darkness?

Sina is pretty sure her dismissal of the pale skin and Goth look is all wrong when she finds Gia squeezing a steak for...
The Roar of a Dragon, by Robert Blanchard
A mere farmer in a small village, young Aidan has always dreamed of being a knight in the White Army of Delmar, an anti-dragon country. Despite his poor background, his dream comes true when he has a chance encounter with a bully knight. Thrilled to be a soldier, Aidan works hard, pushing towards his dream of being a knight. One day, Aidan saves a baby dragon from torment from his fellow soldiers. For this, he was exiled.

On his way out of the country, Aidan is killed.

But for Aidan, death was only the beginning.

He wakes up three thousand years later, watched over by the very dragon he saved, now full-grown. Disturbed by his altered appearance and disgusted by unstable magical powers he didn't have ...