It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Rider's Revenge, by Alessandra Clarke
K'lrsa loves her life as a Rider for the White Horse Tribe. She spends her days hunting with her Amalanee horse, Fallion, and her nights avoiding her mother's attempts to settle her down.

Even though there are hints that the world around her is changing, K'lrsa thinks her life is perfect.

Until the day her father is brutally murdered and she sets out to avenge him.

As she follows the vision the Great Father Sun showed her, determined to kill the man she thinks is responsible at any cost, even her own life, she's haunted by dreams of a beautiful young man she can never have and a life she was never going to live.

Alone in a world vastly different from the one she's known, she'll have to dec...
Solid Illusions: A Claire Winston novel, by T. M. Gannaway
Claire Winston had the perfect life until a horrific accident took it all away. But that soon becomes the least of her worries, as strange occurrences begin to plague her very existence. Haunted by gory visions of a strange woman, startling voices and scenes of the accident that took her family from her, Claire turns to medication and isolation.
But no matter what she does, the bizarre experiences don't stop. In fact, they become more frequent and intensify, leaving her no time to adjust to a violently changing reality. Uncontrollably, Claire even begins to "warp" - popping in and out of other locations and time periods without warning.
Enter Horace Happenstance, her self-proclaimed guide, and Marc Laughlin, a stra...
Entangled, by Florence St. John
Natalie Monroe is looking for a second chance at love. Just as she's about to give up on romance, Daniel Weaver contacts her through their class website. Handsome and charming, he says all the right things to make her fall in love with him. Natalie doesn't know that Daniel is a master manipulator. Coming up with one scheme after another, he convinces her to finance his sketchy endeavors to earn money. As he slowly takes control of her life, Natalie finds herself on an emotional roller coaster, desperately trying to regain her independence. Entangled in love, money, and the dream, she's reluctant to leave Daniel, but faces financial ruin if she stays.

Crossings, by Ashley Capes
Something red lay in a heap on her doorstep. She crept closer, wrinkling her nose as the buzz of flies led her to a pile of animal entrails. Slick with blood, like mangled tubes from bike tyres, they stained the concrete.

Deep in the Australian bush, wildlife ranger Lisa Thomas must uncover the truth behind a giant white kangaroo and the strange deaths connected to it, while dealing with the return of her abusive ex, Ben, whose rage is quickly growing out of control....
Fast Draw, by D.W. Collins
The talented and beloved Bob Mayes of Medicine Lodge, KS, lives a contented life. His Fast Draw show pays the bills and wows the tourists. His wife makes him happy. What more could he ask for?

One fateful night, his contented life is no more. An incident after a show thrusts him into a deadly battle with an evil force called the Faction. They stop at nothing to inflict pain and chaos over the earth. Forced to leave his wife behind, he must use his elite talents to fight this evil, or he can never return to the life he loves. With the help of a young psychic and a heroic team of underground warriors, Bob will discover there is much more to him than he knew. Is Bob, in fact, superhuman?

Fast Draw is a story of herois...
Forgiveness Can Be Powerful - A Short Story (The Inspirational Short Story Series Book 1), by Nicole James
Forgiveness Can Be Powerful - is the first in Nicole James's Inspirational Short Story series.

In it, is a story of forgiveness and love at all costs.

The story is about Marilyn who struggles to make right choices with her new found freedom when she leaves home and starts a new banking job.
Working in close proximity with the dark handsome Julian brings a whole new challenge.
Will Marilyn succumb to temptation or will all the years of nurturing keep her on the straight and narrow?

Marilyn is the first child of Mr & Mrs Smith who have five children in all - Four girls and a boy.
The Smith's are a very close knit family who love each other dearly.

If you like books by #1...
Set Me Alight, by Bill Leviathan
Dread. Despair. Desperation. Disappointment. These are the only emotions Pete is familiar with. With no friends, no job, and no prospects for the future, Pete sets out west in search for a new beginning as a forest firefighter. It doesn't take long for Pete to learn that life out in the wilderness of Montana is tough, tougher than anything he's ever experienced. The only thing keeping Pete alive is the sympathy of an old local fireman named Paul, who's seen too many people fail to bear seeing another fall by the wayside.

As soon as life begins to look up for Pete, the cracks start to form as Paul uncovers a conspiracy involving the mining companies who effectively run their town. Before he has time to consider the consequences,...
Pepped Up Forever (Pepper Jones Book 5), by Ali Dean
This is the fifth and final book in the Pepper Jones series, and it's one you don't want to miss.
Pepper Jones is ready to start breaking some records. She'll be a junior in college, and if she wants to run professionally when she graduates, it's time to step things up a notch. This time around, she knows it won't be accomplished by ramping up her training. While Pepper's hoping for a race day breakthrough, she wonders if there's a mental barrier holding her back, and if so, how is she supposed to confront it?
Meanwhile, Jace Wilder wants Pepper back any way he can have her, but he's reluctant to bulldoze his way into her life having already crushed her once (okay, probably a few more times than that) before. Mor...