It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Torn (Arcadia Book 1), by Mary Brock Jones
Two ecological engineers must change their world to save it, no matter the cost to all they love.

Fee comes from the mountains of her world. She grew up with trees, rushing streams and rain. The grasslands beyond the foothills are Caleb's home. Dry, windblown, a place of endless light and untouchable horizons.
Both are ecological engineers for the Survey, working to save their world from environmental disaster before it's too late. Because unless something is done, soon, the planet is going to hit back. Storms, floods, drought. Don't bother taking your pick, says the planet, you're going to get the lot.
Only the men and women of the Survey hear the call, working in secret for years to heal Arc...
A Curse upon the Saints (Dogma, Souls, and Chains Book 1), by J. Rutger Madison
A Compelling Tale of Slavery, Survival, and Holy War
For eight years the two major religions of Seluku's Expanse fought a brutal holy war. With one on the cusp of victory, a race of goat-like slavers attacked in hopes of conquering a divided human race. The two warring faiths were forced to unite to confront a common enemy. Now a war-weary soldier, his idealistic sister, and a devoted father must put their religious differences aside to prevent the enslavement of humanity.
A Curse Upon the Saints is an epic fantasy novel that features religious conflict, demons, magic, and a battle for freedom over slavery. If you like captivating worlds, religious undertones, and flintlock fantasy then you'll love J. Rutger Madiso...
A Time Unpromised, by Natalie Payne
Jac Harvey has always played second fiddle to his older brother Pierre. Growing up Pierre is brilliant and handsome, very much the golden child in their family. Jac, eight years younger, is his polar opposite, shy and antisocial, struggling through school. Against all odds the brothers are close. Jac looks up to Pierre, hangs on his every word. When Pierre gets accepted at Princeton University, Jac is just as thrilled as their parents. Pierre leaves to begin his studies and for the first time, Jac is alone with his parents. But Jac's isolation is tapered by the letters he receives from his brother every few months. Two years pass, and at last Pierre returns for a visit. It is a happy occasion, until Jac realizes that something is terribl...
Ice country, by mj cleghorn
The hidden history of Alaska as experienced through the lives of one family. This story is a passage of time tracing from its First peoples to its explorers, and the many remarkable events that take place in their previously untold history....
By Vengeance Guided (The Lost Shrines Book 1), by Amberlyn Holland
Unexpected Responsibility
Lia never wanted to lead, but her sister's untimely death forced her to assume responsibility of their tiny valley kingdom. In a region balanced on a political knife edge, one wrong move will plunge the surrounding realms into war. Until her niece comes of age, the safety and prosperity of the Dale are Lia's burden to bear.

The last thing she needs is a charming stranger in her life, blundering around, uprooting secrets better left buried, and making her long for things she can't have.

Unsated Vengeance
Caerwyn, Lord of Alwyn, is obsessed with avenging the murder of his parents. Unfortunately, without proof, the Council refuses to let him start a war by goin...
Untangling the Web: Developing a Blueprint for Digital Marketing, by Swati Joshi
In just two decades, the digital revolution has transformed the way we do business and the way we market our businesses. The global advent of e-commerce, the social media phenomenon and the spread of smartphones have influenced almost every aspect of human life. This has meant a multitude of opportunities for the digital marketer - but also a multitude of challenges.

How can new or established, large or small businesses tap into these trends to ensure they don't get left in digital's dust? Untangling the Web draws together the disparate strands of digital marketing - social media, SEO, content marketing and data analysis - and presents the reader with strategies for tying them together into a cohesive plan that can ...
A Threat of Shadows (The Keeper Chronicles Book 1), by JA Andrews
Do some choices change us too much for us to ever change back?

There was a time when Alaric was a Keeper, one of the men entrusted with counseling the queen, protecting the people's histories and ancient stories, and working magic in defense of the land.

But in a desperate attempt to save his dying wife, he has sacrificed it all- abandoning his duties, betraying his deepest beliefs and falling ever deeper into darkness.

So far, he has done nothing but fail, and his wife's time is growing short.

Now, haunted by his past, Alaric has found one last chance at a cure, hidden in a magical Wellstone buried a century ago. With the help of a handful of quirky companions, t...
The Orthodontic Cure: How Orthodontics can Restore you to Optimal Health, Stop Bed Wetting, Cure Migraines and Save Lives, by Sheila Birth
Orthodontics can change your life! Orthodontics provides key pieces of the puzzle for total body health.
What? Isn't orthodontics just braces and straight teeth? Actually Orthodontics is much more than straight teeth. Orthodontics is the only profession, medical or dental, that can change skeletal structure without surgery.
Orthodontists can expand the upper palate and move the lower jaw forward with simple orthodontic appliances. When orthodontists do these skeletal changes, they also affect the airways. Orthodontist can improve airways and improve breathing. Breathing is everything. Breathing is life. Problems with breathing can lead to poor performance in school, at work and in athletics. Problems with breathing...