It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Nagodzaa: A Warrior's Elegy, by Arley L. Dial
Lt. Willard Riley: A soldier and faithful servant of his country, Riley is tasked
with keeping the peace in the troubled Arizona Territory. At the head of
Troop B of the Tenth U.S. cavalry, Riley and his buffalo soldiers seek to
protect the settlers from the dreaded Apache. When news arrives that a group
of Apaches has made a violent departure from the reservation, Riley and
Troop B set out to round up the renegades, pitting themselves against a foe
who has been described as 'the tigers of the human species'.

Ka'edine: A war chief, and proud defender of his people, Ka'edine has seen
the way of life he knew as a boy undergo massive change. Peace has been
made with the Americans, bu...
Billionaire Secrets of a Wanglorious Bastard, by Alexei Auld
Chinese-Jamerican Rufus Wang eschews the playboy lifestyle of his paternal grandfather by attending law school, staying true to a boring, live-in girlfriend, and accepting a summer associate position at prestigious law firm Krueller Pitts. After languishing in office politics for unearthing the salacious secrets of Krueller success, Rufus finds the help he needs from an unlikely source at an unexpected cost. Can Rufus 'man up' and embrace something within that he's spent his whole life struggling to avoid or will he end up hopeless and homeless?

Brace yourselves, you are about to learn the BILLIONAIRE SECRETS OF A WANGLORIOUS BASTARD!...
The Meldling: First Novel of the Daemonva (The Daemonva Trilogy Book 1), by Claire Ryan
THE MELDLING is a tale of epic fantasy, set in a world where humans have been driven underground by a war not of their making, and one woman must find the truth of her existence within her own heart.

She was rescued from a darkened dungeon; brought out into the light with no memory of her past. Her only certainty was her name: Suzanna.

Her flesh marks her as a daemon, one of a race of deadly warriors locked in a war with their mortal enemies, the daevas, that has scoured the surface of the world. Humans are irrelevant to them both. But it was Lukas, a human knight, who carried her from the dungeon, nursed her back to health, and protected her from harm. Her body may be daemonic, but her soul is not, and there is a...
The First Christmas After the War (An American Family's Wartime Saga Book 3), by Alan Simon
The sequel to THE FIRST CHRISTMAS OF THE WAR and THANKSGIVING, 1942 is here.

Christmas season, 1945.

The terrible years of war are finally over and millions of American solders, sailors, and airmen will be reunited with their families just in time for this glorious holiday season. Among them are the grown children of Gerald and Irene Coleman.

Major Jonathan Coleman is on his way home after surviving many hazardous bombing missions over Europe and later in the Pacific. Anxiously awaiting Jonathan are not only his parents but also his fiancé Francine Donner, with Jonathan's and Francine's wedding planned for only days after Christmas.

Captain Joseph Coleman wasn't as fortunate as his ...
Shadow's Talent (The Talent Show Book 1), by Tommy Muncie
Shadow Hatcher is desperate to change his life.

Despite an unusually high aptitude for his dream career as an astronaut, he is an unlikely candidate in the eyes of most training schools due to his lowly birth in 23rd Century England's divided society. Then Shadow witnesses a murder in the back lanes of his family's farm, and lets the police record his memories to use as a witness testimony.

His bravery attracts the attention of society's most powerful people, the Talented, whose links to the ruling class can make Shadow's dream come true.

When his testimony results in the collapse of an illegal Dream-Morphine racket, Shadow is thrown into a strange new world with dangers that he is only dimly aware o...
Unbelieve: 2096, by L. W. Brook
2059 brought on a nuclear war that would kill billions. 2060 created a brutal New World- a place where only the strongest could survive. 2096 sought out an end to the chaos carried on throughout years past.
Follow Oliver Anders as he's tested by the New World and thrown into something much bigger than himself and his pacifistic morals...
One might find even their deepest beliefs changing in the worst of times....
Chewy Noh and the Phantasm of Winter, by Tim Learn
Chewy Noh has many problems. Besides his mom becoming a mu-dang-a Korean fortune-teller possessed by his dead grandmother who can read minds-the school bully, Kent, is still on the warpath to get Chewy kicked out of school. With his secret ability to win at everything, none of this bothers him until he starts disappearing for no reason while a mysterious force attacks his fellow students, and he must scramble to figure out what's going on before he becomes its next and final victim....