It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
The Thirteenth Room (Kempston Hardwick Mysteries Book 4), by Adam Croft
Over two weeks, three guests enter Room 13 at the Manor Hotel, but none comes out alive...

When a married man seemingly kills himself at a local hotel, Kempston Hardwick is not so sure the death was suicide.

As he tries to convince the police to investigate, Kempston yet again throws himself into an investigation where all is not as it seems, but not before the Manor Hotel is home to more suspicious deaths......
A History of Magic, by ML Larson
Las Vegas is a city in flux. People come and go, either because they think they can win it big and leave all their problems behind at the tables, or because they feel like whatever they're missing in their lives, they'll find it under the neon lights and marquees of the Boulevard. For those who were born there, it's just another city where college is too expensive, jobs are too few, and very little happens.

Carly is one of those few, struggling to finish a degree she doesn't know what she'd do with when she got it. To distract herself from the stress of college life, she goes to club meetings at an off-strip magic shop, where amateur magicians gather and show off for one another.

Gunnar meanwhile brings his ac...
If you loved the PATTERN UNIVERSE, then you will enjoy this NEW SERIES which follows in its footsteps.

In this episode, a deadly game is afoot between RIGA and unknown enemies. She has stepped into a hornets nest and no amount of running will keep her safe. She must unravel the mystery of who, and why before they succeed in eliminating her. No easy task, when it seems they are everywhere.

When she finally uncovers the truth, RIGA is left with no choice, She must defeat an enemy that is poised to strike at more than just the Empirum. The price of her failure will be the start of an interstellar war.

Torn Trousers: A True Story of Courage and Adventure, by Andrew St.Pierre White
A humorous romp through the African wilds . . .

Tired of mortgage and car payments, thirty-something Andrew and Gwynn, and their
Siamese cat Woodie, did the proverbial vanishing act, ending up on a desert island in one of the most idyllic spots on Earth: the Okavango Delta in Botswana, southern Africa.

Woefully inexperienced, these two hapless escapees took control of a luxury lodge, where the rich and pampered went to spot big game while sipping G&Ts.

Trouble soon followed.

Amongst others, their guests included a famous Hollywood director, a group of French aristocrats, a Mafia lawyer, and a world-class cricketer. Their stays were punctuated by visits from bad-tempered elephants, m...
The Cellini Payback: Morning Star Series 2, by Gary Stull
When an off-duty visit to a quaint Bavarian town nearly claims his life, cruise ship detective John Lochinvar (Lock) must reexamine his past. Someone wants him dead. While his life reads like a Shakespearean tragedy - a failed marriage, a tryst with a younger woman who's a dead ringer for the ex-wife, a grown daughter who schemes to reunite her parents, and a taste for alcohol of Dionysian proportions - nothing points to murder.

Beset by doubt and pursued by killers, Lock returns to duty on the Morning Star - a floating world of low-cut gowns and silk tuxedos, five course dinners and Cuban cigars, topless bathers and naïve tourists - a self-indulgent world where nothing is what it seems. In his one-week absence, c...
Driver Chronicles: Book 1 - The Passenger, by Niall Roche
Jason Armstrong is a taxi driver doing his best to live a quiet life, recovering from the psychological wounds of the horrors of modern combat.

The most powerful men and women in the world have other plans for him though, leading him to become involved in one of greatest conspiracies in the history of humanity.

As hard as Jason tries he keeps getting thrown back on a path he'd avoid if he had any other choice. Along the way he learns who he really is, and just how important he is in a coming struggle for control of the entire planet.

The countdown to exposing who really runs the world you see around you has started…and it all begins with an old man calling a taxi.

For lovers of conspirac...
Create a WordPress Website: In Ten Easy Steps, by Mari Kane
Create a WordPress Website in Ten Easy Steps, explains everything an entrepreneur must to do to build a web site - without knowing code. It describes how to promote your WordPress site in social media and present your business to the world. In this interactive ebook you'll learn the 10 steps to building and launching a WordPress website:

Registering a Domain Name, Opening a Hosting Account, Installing a Theme, Adding Plugins & Widgets, Building the Site, Adding Blog Posts, Optimizing for Search, Connecting Social Media, Monetizing the Site, Maintaining the Site