It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Called To Be A Soldier, by L. Wayne Smalls
Written from the heart and experiences of L. Wayne Smalls, 'Called To Be A Solider' personifies the sometimes inaccurate accounts and assumptions made about the personal lives of the nation's military heroes. Smalls bares all to take readers to the training grounds, onto the battlefields of the Middle East and then all of the way back home

- where the fight for a normal life often continues for many years. It's heartfelt, shocking yet ultimately uplifting....
The Heirloom, by Edita A. Petrick
Sometimes, what we hunt can capture us.

When CIA Agent, Ted Bester, meets a woman who was publicly buried as an assassin's victim, he's understandably skeptical of her far-fetched explanation. She expects him to believe she's tied to the assassin's mind through a four hundred year old locket with an ancient curse on it. And she's alive because the spell has protected her.

It takes meeting a presence he can't explain to convince Bester Amelia might be telling the truth. And if she's right, Bester has a lot more to be worried about than a curse. The unorthodox link between Amelia and the killer shows that he takes inordinate pride in his perfect kill record, and Bester knows that it's only a matter of...
The Space Sauna, by Tobias Weber
He really wanted to be left alone.
Yet he chose the completely wrong place for it.

Tito felt an overwhelming desire to take a break. His love life ended in yet another disappointment and his professional career hit rock bottom. So he decided to fly to the perfect spot to take a step back: the Sol system.

He is unaware of the developments on the other side of the galaxy, where mankind's leaders meet on board the star cruiser GSS Friday. Due to the high likelihood of an android attack, the security precautions are greater than ever. Nonetheless, androids manage to infiltrate the ship, leading into a disaster.

Yet Tito's own problems are big enough as he finds out the hard way t...
They call him - "Sicario" - the weapon of choice in "The Sicilian Defence."

The heinous murder of a young Sicilian immigrant strikes like a lightning bolt to the heart of his family in Furnari, Sicily. The Crisafulli family swiftly retaliates with their own vengeful message and cold-blooded justice.

The family selects "Sicario" to settle the debt.

Sicario's duty: Avenge one man's honor - husband, father, son, brother - and uncle.

Sicario's mission: Execute "The Kiss of Death" to the guilty with no negotiations and no mercy.

For Sicario, the assignment is personal. His arrival in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania brings the mission to a deadly climax, altering the town - forever....
Equivocal Destines (Upheaving Nidola Book 1), by Raymond Clarke
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In a world plagued by hordes warped by magic into creatures hell-bent on the destruction of mankind, where elemental magic holds sway and determines your lot in life, Taal is of the water, which should assure him a place among the revered rudas, protecting his city and assuring him the wealth it bestows. But centuries ago, it was a water wizard who caused The Change that precipitated all of the disasters that followed, and now, being a water wizard is the lowest of the low.

With dreams much bigger than life in Takelberorl will allow a lowly water-boy, Taal sets out ...
Is My Child Autistic or Delayed, by Susan Peterson
2014 eLit Gold Award (Parenting/Child Care & Family)
2013 Global Ebook Award Silver Winner (Education)
2014 Reader Views West Mountain Regional Book Award

Is My Child Autistic or Delayed? is a book written for parents and professionals to explore autism concerns and developmental delays in children. The book is written by Susan Louise Peterson, a school psychologist who has conducted over 1000 assessments on young children with possible developmental delays and autism concerns. The book is parent friendly written in easy to understand language. Parent concerns in the areas of communication, stereotyped behaviors, social interaction, unusual behaviors and daily living are...
A Contest of Succession (The Usurpers Saga), by John Phythyon
Nine contestants. One crown. Destiny awaits.

Garrick Tremaine was happy with a simple life as a soldier. But a mysterious dream has drawn him to Twin Falls, where the duke has died with no heir. A competition to claim the throne is open to anyone, but to win it, an aspirant must answer an incomprehensible riddle. Convinced it is Garrick's destiny to rule Twin Falls, his new friend, the oddball magician, Liliana Gray, pushes him to enter the contest.

But Garrick isn't the only one seeking the crown. A sanctimonious sorcerer, a hard-headed general, and a conniving criminal all aim to succeed the duke, and a disgraced elder from a foreign city has secret knowledge that may thwart them all.

As the contenders cl...
This Is A Time Machine, by K. Enola
'I am dying, in a few seconds they will find my corpse splattered on the pavement, the Santa clause suit soaked in my blood and a dumb look on my face. I am dying; if the revolver pointing at my head fails then the fall will do the trick, so I guess I've got options haha. I am dying, and all I can see is a little boy waving a finger at me, disappointed, pouting, wishing he never had to grow up to become me. I am dying and... holy shit, I am dying. I am dying.'

In his final moments, a mentally unstable New Yorker attempts to save himself by altering the memories that are flashing by before his eyes, hoping to change his past and avoid his imminent demise....