It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
The Stolen Adventure Collection (Books 1-3), by Mark Wullert
Collection of the first three books in The Stolen Adventure series.

In life there are things you think are true, things that you are pretty certain are right and things that you absolutely, positively know are correct. When Luke woke up that morning he had that absolutely, positively certain feeling in his gut. Unfortunately, what he was absolutely certain about was that danger was near and trouble was close behind.

Join Luke Stolin as he searches for the magical secrets of the Danish inventor Soren Jacobsen and all of the crazy adventures and mad cap people he meets along the way.

- The Stolen Adventure (#1)
- The Quest for Curtana (#2)
- The Journey to Joyeuse (#3)...
How To Write Your Story: record your personal history in 30 minutes a day, by Deb Graham
Why Write Your Own Story?

It's a scary thought--What if you died before you told your life's story, and your busybody sister-in-law decided to write it for you? Yes, she's diligent, but she never really liked you, and she surely doesn't know you as well as you know yourself. No one can tell your life's story as clearly or as accurately as you can! Now's the time, before it's too late.

In only thirty short minutes a day, you can begin to tell your own story, drawn from your own memories. Thousands of people have written their personal autobiography, and found it compelling, even addictive. This easy-to-read book makes it easy, with dozens of questions and memory prompts, carefully designed to get you...
Enter the Realm of Flesh, by A.N. Sinner
"The blade seemed to cut the air itself apart. Before he could stop, he had created a strange, ineffable crack in the air. Then, an arm reached through ... and shortly afterwards, a body followed."

Michael Phoenix is just your ordinary misfit teenager. He lives in a New England small town, his father ran off a year ago, and he falls asleep in school every now and then. However, one night, Michael accidentally opens a portal to another world, and an alien creature invades his home. All he thought he knew about the world is shattered when he is plunged into a world of darkness, a world that's strange and alien-a world that once was home to him.
Michael embarks on a journey to the darkest corners of the Earth in s...
Planetary Foundations, by Jonathan Hargreaves
Feel like a short adventure?

Imagine a world where the ground level is not large enough to maintain the people who inhabit it, then imagine how humanity would work around that problem. This short story explores the life in and between the vast complex of levels, following a simple hero from an outsider's perspective.

Jonathan Hargreaves...
Off Balance (Ballet Theatre Chronicles Book 1), by Terez Mertes Rose
Alice thinks she's accepted the loss of her ballet career, injury having forced her to trade in pointe shoes onstage for spreadsheets upstairs. That is, until the day Alice's boss asks her to befriend Lana, a pretty new company member he's got his eye on. Lana represents all Alice has lost, not just as a ballet dancer, but as a motherless daughter. It's pain she's kept hidden, even from herself, as every good ballet dancer knows to do.

Lana, lonely and unmoored, desperately needs some help, and her mother, back home, vows eternal support. But when Lana begins to profit from Alice's advice and help, her mother's constant attention curdles into something more sinister.

Together, both women must embark o...
The War of Undoing, by Alex Perry
War is brewing in Kyland, as the shadowy, spell-weaving vumas rebel against the human government, but both sides have secret weapons at their disposal. The humans' secret weapon: a plan that could be the undoing of the world. The vumas' secret weapon: three young humans abandoned in the smog-shrouded town of Tarot - Tay, Ellstone and Miller Raining. The Rainings could be the key to winning the war, but first they'll need to work out whose side they are really on…

The War of Undoing is the first book in the Kyland Falls fantasy series, and is Alex Perry's debut novel....
McSorely's Evil Tea, by Helen Ryan
Sky Swift lives happily in a cosy home with her mother. She enjoys the simpler things in life like drinking tea, munching biscuits, oh and sniffing everything. One day evil pays a visit. Her world has changed forever. Stalked by an evil tea bag and chased by an evil tea company that will stop at nothing to get her.

They want her for their wicked plan.

Sky is in trouble. She needs help.

But who can she turn to?...
Iridescent Feathers, by Robert Marcin
- A Mysterious White Iridescent Fluffy Down Feather - A Boy Who Beat Death Twice - A Former Russian KGB Assassin - A Brazilian Supermodel - What could they possibly have to do with ridding the world of one of its most dreadful diseases? Perhaps, the feather is the answer. A fictional biography inspired by true events....