It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Enchanted (Sorcery and Science Book 1), by Ella Summers
Born in the land of magic, Ariella has never cared for the nightmare world of technology beyond Elitia's borders: airships, bombs, some dubious thing the humans call fusion energy. Her last encounter with technology very nearly killed her, and she's not eager for a rematch. But then her friend Davin, the crown prince of Elitia, is abducted by agents of the Avan Empire. To save the man she secretly loves, she has to travel beyond Elitia to the Avan capital city. Her only hope lies with rogue mercenary Everett-and trying to fight technology with magic.

Everett, mercenary and rescue mission expert extraordinaire, knows he's in for trouble as soon as he sees his latest client. Ariella is Elition; the enormous glowing sword ...
The Phone: And Other Short Stories, by Gary Paul Bryant
"Gary Paul Bryant will wheel your gurney down the paranormal corridors of Life Everlasting, whether you're willing or not. A must-read short story collection for vivisectionist aficionados, fantasy enthusiasts and all the rest of us hanging on to dear life." - Jack Archibald

Enjoy this must read collection of paranormal short stories that will have you feverishly turning each page with nervous anticipation!

'The Phone and Other Short Stories' is a collection of nine short reads that in all, creates a battleground between the likes of Hitchcock and Twain. It's a compromise of satire and science, of time travel and tall tale, but mostly just good fun. Titles include: The Phone, A Man of Proverbs, A Bitter Climb, Stal...
Our Forever: A Sexy Romantic Suspense Novel (Miami's Danes - Sexy Suspense Series Book 1), by Kristyn Kohl
Miami Tribune investigative reporter Adria Farris has seen her share of violent murders. More than she'd care to count. In Miami, grizzly murders come with the territory. But Adria Farris is no ordinary reporter. Adria is a Farris. Farris Publishing is the largest, most powerful publishing organization in the South. Getting the story is in her blood, so to speak … until the blood becomes hers.

A woman ahead of her time, Adria is dedicated to her career and to her family's dynasty. Until she meets her match… a man that sets her on fire and sets off a passion so intense that every night will not be enough. But love? Is there really room for that?

Conrad Dane is the son of a Miami dynasty - Dane Law. Tru...
A Dangerous Descent: A Sarah McKinney Mystery (Sarah McKinney Mysteries Book 2), by Marian Exall
Sarah McKinney, lawyer and international mediator.

In the second of this mystery series, an offer to help her mentor locate his estranged daughter takes Sarah to the Dordogne region of rural France. There, she uncovers a troubled history that parallels her own. To rescue the woman she has come to find, she must confront danger as well as her own demons.
Baseball and Other Lessons (Devils Ranch Book 2), by Aubrey Gross
The hardest lessons are a lot like a line drive to the heart.

Texas Wranglers' ace Matt Roberts had it all: fame, fortune, his dream job. Until one line drive to the head ended it. Well, at least that was the case according to Twitter. Needing time to let his fractured skull heal-along with his psyche-Matt heads home to Del Rio, Texas, with one goal in mind-getting back to baseball. Unfortunately a certain redhead keeps driving him to distraction.

Seventh grade English teacher Jenn McDonnell is not happy that Matt's come home and is staying with his brother-aka her best friend-while his thick skull heals. And she certainly could do without all the questions their group of friends suddenly has, like, ...
College Or Not?, by Chad Grills
Jay Pencha's senior year is off to a rough start, and he's not sure what he wants to do with his life. When fate throws Jay's middle-class family into turmoil, he has no choice but to question everything.

Now, armed with nothing but courage and a nerdy best friend from a family of entrepreneurs, Jay is off on an adventure: college visits, scouting out startups, making money, rubbing elbows with CEO's, and (like always) trying to get Ella to notice him.

He's going to find his path in life, or blaze one heck of a trail trying....
Kimjongilia: A True Story of Romance and Sacrifice from North Korea, by Victor Fox
***THE MOST PROVOCATIVE STORY EVER TOLD*** * "Bitter through its extreme tension, subterfuge, and dirty dealing." Goodreads

Poor kitchen worker Kim Suk is asked to make the ultimate sacrifice for her Party--marry, and inform on, the puppet they will install as Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Sung. No one told her he was capriciously cruel and sexually deviant.

Chinese guerrilla fighter Peter Chang, ordered ...