It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Ragnarok: I Bring the Fire Part VI (Loki Vowed Asgard Would Burn), by C. Gockel
Loki vowed Asgard would burn.

Bohdi Patel, latest incarnation of Chaos, wants nothing to do with Loki's psychotic oath.
Stranded on the icy world of Jotunheim with Amy Lewis, his friend Steve Rogers, and an unlikely band of civilians, magical beings, and elite military, Bohdi just wants to keep himself and his friends alive … but when you're Chaos incarnate, even the simplest goals are complicated.

If Jotunheim doesn't kill them, Odin will, and if Odin doesn't, the secrets they harbor might.

In the final installment of I Bring the Fire, Bohdi, Amy, Steve, and their companions learn that Chaos cannot be contained, some secrets cannot be kept, and some vows cannot be broken.

Murder at Green Meadows: An Angie Walker Cozy Mystery, by Jessica Woodridge
An Angela Walker Cozy Mystery Set In Florida

Angie Walker is a few days from fulfilling a life-long dream of being her own boss. Soon, she and her best friend will open a treasure/antique business on the Florida east coast.
But as a reporter for the Tequesta Sun, she has one last assignment - interview former boss Frederick Canterly about his five-decade career as publisher of the Madera Beach Tribune.
The interview should be a piece of cake but her former boss very inconveniently drops dead.

Police believe he's been poisoned and detectives find an incriminating vial in Angie's purse. Now instead of opening the door to her business dream, she may open the door to a prison night...
Defenders of The Sacred Land: Book 1 of the Sacred Land Saga, by Mark Tyson
Defenders of the Sacred Land...

Dorenn Adair is a simple innkeeper's son from a picturesque mountain village. When Lady Shey, a potent wielder of magic, introduces herself into his daily life, Dorenn is thrust into a world that fascinates him, but he was taught to hate and fear. Magic is stirring again in the Sacred Land, and with the help of his friends and some particularly powerful wielders, Dorenn must find a way to defeat the enemies closing in on him and save the Sacred Land from destructive forces.

Seven Days of Friday (Women of Greece Book 1), by Alex A. King
Seven Days of Friday opens with Days of the Week underwear and closes with a forty-year-old secret that refuses to stay submerged.

Thirty-four-year-old Vivi Tyler is living her nightmare: gay husband, self-harming teenager, melodramatic mother. They're picking apart her sanity, one stitch at a time. She's crawling along rock bottom when the arrival of a mysterious package opens a new door to a new country. A desperate Vivi dives headfirst into the quicksand that is Greece-her parents' birthplace.

But it's a paradise far from perfect, and instead of the new beginning she covets, Vivi discovers trouble is determined to keep her in its pocket. Soon she's fighting for her daughter's life in a Greek hospital...
Second Chances, by K.L. Phelps
How far would you go to uncover the truth? Nathan King lost his wife a year ago. He thought he'd come to terms with her death. However, when he sees her in a crowded airport, he knows his world will never be the same again.

What would you do if you discovered your entire life was a lie? When a man approaches Paige Kendall and claims to be her husband, she thinks he must be joking. But when he produces photographs and shares details of her past that she knows no one else could possibly know, she is forced to question everything she believes.

Together they set off on a perilous adventure to find out what really happened to Nathan's wife and discover who Paige really is. Every answer brings them a step closer to to...
The Third Gender: Hope and Prey Book One, by Micah Ackerman
A dangerous secret lurks beneath the innocent faces of newborn babies.

Hope Kerman is one of the first children to be born of The Third Gender, a birth defect that turns young adults into human parasites. Thriving by absorbing memories, knowledge, and experience from their victims, the Third Gender is quickly gaining power. Hope fights her natural urge to feed on others, but it's a battle she might not win.

Ben Ziegler is a flawed FBI agent, determined to stop the Third Gender's rapid rise to power. When he learns his own children are in imminent danger, he's forced to choose between his crusade against the Thirds or saving his family.

The Third Gender is the action packed first book in a thrilling, ...
Dark Legion (Blood of Blood - Book 1), by Paul Kleynhans
Once a Prince, now a slave. Once a torturer, now a liberator. But still his transformation is nowhere near complete...

Saul Baz Sharmoun has been holding onto something lost to many of his fellow slaves: hope and a desire for justice. A fire was set ablaze within him, growing brighter with each of the twelve years since the Emperor slaughtered his family, and he knows the time to escape his shackles - and to free his people - is now. With his hunger for retribution fueling him, Saul begins an epic journey, searching for his brother and looking to rebuild a world that would allow the crown in his family's name to rise from the ashes.

But the road to justice is never a straight one. Saul and the uncertain allies fight...
Sexuality and increasing âge A guide for men, by Philippe Morgado
Is there a need to explore the sexuality of men over the âge of 50? Undoubtedly, the answer is yes, especially for those who suffer the ill effects of decreased libido and impotence. If your body no longer responds the way it did in your 20's you are among the millions who struggle with physiological and psychological, sexual change. These shifts in performance are natural and need not reduce your enjoyment or desire for satisfaction.

Dr. Morgado delivers insightful advice and information, leading the reader down an avenue of greater sexual understanding. The answer to maintaining an aging man's libido and sexual function lies among a triad of health, attitude and medication.

Don't easily give up a part of your life that...