It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
The Woman in the Movie Star Dress, by Praveen Asthana
What if the clothes you wore carried ghostly fragments of your soul, and somehow those fragments got transferred to one who wore those clothes next?

A young woman comes to Hollywood to escape her past. She finds work in a vintage clothing store that sells clothes used in the movies. One day she discovers a way to transfer human character through these vintage clothes, and she uses this ability to transform from a lonely, insecure young woman to a glamorous heartbreaker. But she also discovers that with the good comes the bad as character flaws are transferred too. She begins to worry: what if one of the vintage clothes she has sold to some unsuspecting customer had been previously worn by a deeply troubled soul? One day her fears bec...
Say That Again (The Faderville Novels Book 2), by N. Gemini Sasson
A little girl's love. A dog's courage.

Echo's life hasn't been easy so far. Mistreated by one owner after another, he'd rather just learn to get by on his own. Still, he longs for his 'forever home'. Not until he meets young Hannah McHugh does he learn to trust again. Hannah not only understands him ― she hears him.

Before the accident, Hannah already knew she was different from other kids. Now, animals are speaking to her ― and no one believes her. Even her own father, Hunter, tells her she should keep it to herself.

Then, the reclusive Heck Menendez moves in next door. When Hannah and Echo disappear, rumors run wild about old Heck. Hunter wants to trust his gut, but time is ticking away....
Alphabeticus Atrocitus, by Michael C. Romeo
"A right and proper homage to that master of the humorous macabre."

Do you have the guts to enter this demented laybrinth of letters? Inspired by Edward Gorey, this illustrated picture book drags you by the wrist down the dark hallway of atrocity.

FEATURING - C is for Cookout. G is for Garage. R is for Religion. All these and more in 27 pages of weird.

This is NOT your Grandma's alphabet book and contains mature content.

Written & Drawn by Michael C. Romeo
Killer Tide (The Tide Series Book 1), by Cassandra Linn
If you grew up in Marshall Inlet North Carolina, you either lived there your whole life or you couldn't wait to leave after High School. Divinity West fell into the latter group until the terror of an attack sends her running back home where she felt safe. That is until the wife of her old boyfriend is found dead. Vowing to help solve the murder, and clear Ryan's name, Vinny finds herself tangled in the middle of lies and deceptions that could very well lead her to be the next murder victim....
Requiem for Innocence: A Scott Drayco Mystery (Scott Drayco Mystery Series Book 2), by BV Lawson
For fans of BBC and PBS mysteries, from award-winning author BV Lawson"Lawson's book was so good, I read it twice from beginning to end." - Reader's Favorite Reviews

Crime consultant Scott Drayco is in the middle of a thorny case in Washington, D.C. involving murder victims who were all wheelchair-bound. Then, out of the blue, he gets a worried call from a friend on Virginia's Eastern Shore about an attack on an innocent disabled girl.

Working once again with Sheriff Sailor and Deputy Nelia Tyler, Drayco discovers almost everyone believes the girl's attack was an accident. But he begins to suspect otherwise when he crosses paths with a badly disfigured man and the man's enigmatic Goth son, as well as one o...
The Sinister Seminar (Events To Die For Series Book 1), by Sara Robbins
The Events To Die For Series are light mysteries mixed with romance. The Aspen Valley Inn Series focused on Lacey, The Events To Die For Series switches the focus to her sister Charlotte.
The Sinister Seminar is Book #1

Charlotte booked a simple writing seminar to fill in a cancellation at Enchanted Events. It was simple until someone tries to kill one of the students during the first morning break. Charlotte and her sister, Lacey have helped solve a murder before but this time Charlotte becomes a target. In addition to dealing with threats on her life, she is also trying to decide which of her three suitors she is truly interested in dating.

Each book and series can stand-alone but together the stories provide increase...
The Investment, by Douglas Blakeny
Highly touted college quarterback RJ Robinson is considered to be a worthwhile investment by many people in his life. Ever since he was a child his family, friends, and even adversaries have recognized his potential of one day becoming an NFL star. They've all invested in him; some want to see him achieve his dreams, while others view him as an opportunity for profit. RJ must see through the glitz and fake smiles to figure out who's in his life to support him, and who's only in it for themselves, even if it means bringing RJ down.

Will RJ live up to the hype, or will he crumble amidst the pressure and end up as just another poor investment?...
Amazing Parenting (Parenting Bible Book 1), by Grace Chukwu
This is an enlightening inspiring and practical book.

If you are a mum, dad, grandparent, godparent, uncle, aunt or care for children professionally or personally; this book is for you. If you care for tots, teens or adolescents this book is for you. Whether you're a parent in your twenties or in your eighties; this book is for you.

Maybe you are none of the above but you have a friend and their parenting style makes you say ouch, buy this book for them. In a nut shell this book is for parents of all ages with children of all ages and any one else.

The book highlights areas such as anger management with teens, boundary setting, having to say no and so much more.

Use this book to challeng...