It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Zack's Ranch (Bridleton Book 3), by Becky Barker
Zack Bartell is a strong, determined Texan who knows what he wants and is willing to fight for it. What he wants most in life is Meredith Courtland and a chance to develop his share of the family ranch at Bridleton.

Meri has experienced the deep heartache of a lost love. She's emotionally wary and unwilling to risk her safe, secure position at Bridleton by having an affair with the incredibly desirable Bartell heir despite the fact that he's a walking, breathing temptation.

But when her volunteer work with wounded veterans tangles the threads of their relationship, they work together to defuse the ominous threat to their lives and happiness.
Mating Flight: A Non-Romance of Dragons, by Bard Bloom
It's finally time for Jyothky and eight other misfit adolescent dragons to go off to an unexplored, dragon-free universe and decide who will marry whom. They're astral dragons, mighty and arrogant, with devastating breath weapons and vast magical powers, and they're not even there to conquer the place. What kind of trouble could the natives possibly be - even civilized and technologically sophisticated natives? Or the mind-controlling parasite worms, or the undead god, or any of Hove's other surprises?

…Maybe quite a lot of trouble, but not as much as they will bring upon themselves.
But Not Forgotten: A Clint Wolf Novel (Book 1) (Clint Wolf Mystery Series), by BJ Bourg
Embattled former detective Clint Wolf is the newly appointed police chief for Mechant Loup, a small swampy town in southeast Louisiana. Usually a quiet town, the tranquility of the place is shattered when a human arm is found in the jowls of an alligator. Once it's determined the arm belongs to a reputable business owner, the race is on to find the man and figure out what happened to him. Little does Clint know that solving the case could unearth a plot so evil it would go down as the worst event in Louisiana history . . . and he might not live to see it.

(NOTE: Originally published on December 6, 2015 by Amber Quill Press, LLC)...
Dragon's Luck: Dragon Shifter Paranormal Romance (Shifter Agents Book 3), by Lauren Esker
Jen Cho is a gecko shifter and infiltration expert for the Shifter Crimes Bureau. But this time she's in over her head-out of touch with her handler and head over heels for a sexy gambler who mistakenly thinks she's as much of a bad girl as he's a bad boy.

Ambrose "Lucky" Lucado has been playing in high-stakes games of chance since he was big enough to see over the table. But the sexy lizard shifter has a secret: he's not a lizard at all. He's a dragon, the rarest of all shifters, thought to be nothing more than a legend. And all dragons have special abilities that other shifters don't. Lucky can "push" his luck just a tiny bit, enough to ensure that he always wins at the gambling tables.

The problem is, the res...
Dragon Born: Chronicles of Dragon Aerie (Plague Born Book 1), by Travis Simmons
Dragons have returned to the lowlands of the Dar Desert, and plague spreads in their wake.
Most people have died in the fever of the dragon plague, those that don't come out changed. Forever to be of two spirits, one human and one dragon. They are the wyverns, an impure breed of human shifter who can take on the scales and powers of a dragon.
When Wylan Atwater was born, people thought her dragon eyes marked her as a monster. The fact that dragons returned the very eve of her birth, marked her as an outcast. Adopted by loving farmers, she dreams of adventure beyond her home and the natural springs she farms. She longs to travel to the imperial city of Darubai to become a soldier in the dragon guard and protect the lands fro...
Epic Fantasy Adventure: The Angels Blessing: Holy Paladins Quest: Book 1 (Sword and Sorcery Epic Fantasy Adventure Book With Dragons and Magic), by Blaine Hart
Visalth Is Coming And The Nine Realms Are In Turmoil

On the far western outposts of Queen Anastasias' Nine Realms, the evil bone dragon Visalth, in league with a mysterious army of brigands, is laying waste to the island strongholds. The undead horror is drawing near to the heart of the realm, leaving nothing but death and destruction in its wake.

But there is cunning beyond simple magic in these onslaughts. Right before any battle begins, the wizards, mages and clerics protecting the lands suddenly disappear. Without any magical aid or assistance, there are none who can stand before the attacks of the undead dragon.

So it was that on a quiet, Barnacle covered island in the midst ...
Murder on the Rocks (Boddington Bay Cozy Mystery Series Book 1), by Lucinda D. Davis
Life was great until a dead body showed up!

Former New York City personal shopper, Angela Augustine loves life in the idyllic coastal village of Boddington Bay, south of Boston. The only blight on the horizon is a secret from her past that she must keep under wraps. However, with the gruesome discovery of a dead body on the rocks near The Jolly Roger Pub, Angela's life is suddenly complicated, albeit a lot more interesting! But her secret is suddenly rearing its ugly head again and it has to do with the victim himself.

She and her friend Larry Brownlow, former policeman turned boater, are not convinced it's suicide so they decide to catch a killer! Will Angela and Larry discover the truth behind the death befor...
Luna Proxy #1 (Werewolf / Shifter Romance), by Mac Flynn
A grimy world surrounds Leila Ulric. Gangs roam the streets, her dead-end job has no end, and her apartment isn't much larger than a walk-in closet. Her life looks to be turning around when a death leads her to a new apartment with a new roommate. The improvement in possessions, however, doesn't lead to the satisfaction she hoped. A walk in the fresh night air leads her to stumble on a mystery that refuses to be solved, and a young man who holds truths she never realized existed.

The Luna Proxy series is an episodic serial where each book contains a conclusive story within an over-arching tale.

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