It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Searching for Cibola, by Bill Lloyd
At fifty years of age Lawrence is at a crossroads. An expert in probability and statistics, he finds himself confronted by a combination of improbable events: his wife Rachel has left him and his close friend John is dead. He abandons his home in Los Angeles and moves to a small house in the mountains above Albuquerque, New Mexico. There he delves into his past, searching for kernels of insight much as a miner might search for nuggets of gold. Aided by his occasional lover Miranda, his daughter Abigail, and his shrink Angel, he struggles to connect his disparate memories into a coherent narrative that he hopes will help him understand the changes that hazard has brought to his life. Along the way he discovers that the truth can be as elusiv...
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This Edge of Forever: A Romance in Time, by Barbara Bartholomew
Coye Sutherland has lived for hundreds of years and still looks to the future as a 'young' woman as she again plans to re-invent her life. She can't just walk away. She owes the people who had been part of this life more, but time is running out, another identity worn out from too long use. Her wardenship of famed Texas panhandle ranch Esperanza must be passed on and she is tied to the present while she tries to determine who will inherit her riches and responsibilities: Wild and fun-loving foreman for the ranch's famed horses, Daniel Hayes, a descendent of a man on the opposite side of the farmer-cowmen battles for control of newly opened lands over a century ago, a time personally witnessed by Coye, is dear as a son to her. But he refuse...
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The Grass Sweeper God, by Doug Howery
The backwoods Appalachian coal mining camp folk of Solitude, Virginia vs. the NYC Stonewall gay riots of 1969. Two different worlds collide. Stonewall meets Solitude. A family mired in secrecy, a family steeped in the bible belt of God-ordained heterosexuality must confront its own sons' homosexuality. A town seething in gossip and intolerance accosts two presumed strangers who turn the tables on them and the other cheek. Surprise and transformation makes a family of the individuals in Solitude.
My novel entitled, "The Grass Sweeper God" is in the vein of Truman Capote's, "Other Voices, Other Rooms" another saga set forty or fifty years ago-that stayed on the New York Times best sellers list for nine weeks. Like Capo...
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Echoes of a Gloried Past (Book Two of the Safanarion Order), by Ken Lozito
A Hero Will Fall…
An epic fantasy adventure series continues

I am Aaron Jace of the House Alenzar'seth, the Lords of Shandara. The world of Safanar has been sheltered by the blood and sacrifice of my ancestors but no more, for I am the last.

The Drake, a construct of advanced Hythariam technology, has taken Sarah, and is using our love to change her into an assassin. I am her target. Some have advised me to abandon Sarah to her fate, believing that she is beyond saving, but that is something I won't do.

Whispers of the return of the Alenzar'seth are spreading throughout Safanar. Nations are mobilizing to rebel against the tyranny of the High King, but there is a grave thr...
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The Executioner's Hood (The High Country Mystery Series), by Vickie Britton
Sheriff Jeff McQuede finds Durmont's highly respected judge, Phil Grayson, bludgeoned to death in his study, a black executioner's hood shoved over his head. Behind him on walls and in display cases is his Old West outlaw collection that includes a death mask, a hangman's noose, and a Peacemaker.

The judge has many enemies, one, Darin Keefe, just released from prison after serving seven years for a crime involving a city scandal. Judge Grayson's best friend, John Harwood, was believed to have taken a bribe from Keefe Construction and to have committed suicide rather than face conviction. Has the killer singled out some rare item in this macabre collection to steal and left the rest behind, or is this a modern-day e...
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The Pitcher, by William Hazelgrove
A boy with a golden arm, but no money for lessons. A mother who wants to give her son his dream before she dies. A broken down World Series pitcher who cannot go on after the death of his wife. These are the elements of The Pitcher. A story of a man at the end of his dream and a boy whose dream is to make his high school baseball team. In the tradition of The Natural and The Field of Dreams, this is a mythic story about how a man and a boy meet in the crossroads of their life and find a way to go on. You will laugh and you will cry as The Pitcher and Ricky prepare for the ultimate try out of life....
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The Scent of Roses, by Margaret Brazear
To save her father from debtor's prison and the noble name of her family from disgrace, Lady Felice Sutton agrees to marry Lord Christopher despite his reputation for violence and ruthlessness. She is grateful and is determined to make him a good wife, but his reputation is well earned and she finds being a good wife to him to be far more difficult than she ever suspected. She wants to love him, wants to have a future with him, but she is afraid to ask him why his first wife lies buried in a pauper's grave, or why he still visits the peasant woman who has his children.

Set in England amid the black death of 1348, a pestilence which wiped out millions,
this is a story of love and passion, jealousy and sacrifice, and one ...
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The Book of Abominations: A horror collection, by Conrad Jones
A collection of horror stories, including the terrifying best seller A Child for the Devil

The Librarian
When a man's body is found in an empty property, butchered, lying in the centre of a Satanic Sigil, Detective Inspector Annie Jones has to investigate. A blood soaked male found at the scene is the obvious suspect but something far more sinister is at work.

La Luna
A couple's holiday is ruined when they realise something else is sharing their room.

A Child for the Devil (full length novel)

When an author helps the police to identify symbols carved into two dead bodies, he becomes the focus of a murderous cult. He has to become the hu...
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