It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Psychomanteum, by Laurel Veil
Niki woke up in the hospital with no clue how she got there, other than she was told she had had a car accident. If that wasn't strange enough, she overheard her nurses say that it sounded like she mumbled the name Keith while she was unconscious. But, she didn't know anyone by that name, did she? For the next ten months, she is tortured by a recurring nightmare about a demon-like creature and a guy she's never met. After a terrible breakup and with only a month left until her high school graduation, her aunt Claire kicks her out. Niki purchases an old house that she feels drawn to with the small inheritance her parents left her when they died. Niki will discover terrifying secrets about the house, but stays when she begins to learn a...
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A Bittersweet Bed, by Elizabeth Smith
One reckless, romantic night is all it takes for Cammie Richards to fall in love. And that one night is all NCIS agent Jack McConnell promised her. The next day, he's off on assignment to Italy, and Cammie is left behind with only memories of a dark-haired, blue-eyed stranger--until she discovers she's pregnant.

Three years later, Jack returns and Cammie, desperately wanting to know his feelings for her, decides to wait before telling him that Patrick is his child. It doesn't take long for Cammie to realize Jack is only interested in casual sex, while she is looking for marriage.

When Jack discovers the truth, he promises to provide little Patrick with the security of a real family. But that means a commitment to ...
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Running, by S.C. Bryce
Summer 1983: Abandoned by their mother, sixteen-year-old Kate, and her younger brother and sister find themselves on the streets.
Alone and homeless, they seek refuge in a derelict bungalow in the English countryside where they meet their new family: a robber, a convict, an alcoholic and a troubled teenage runaway.
Struck by the tragedy of her sister's death and terrorized by a new arrival, Kate yearns for an end to their brutal and squalid existence. She asks herself whether she should keep running or ask someone for help, someone like the woodcutter.
Does the mysterious stranger in the woods hold the secret to a wonderful future or a deadly past? ...
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Dream Weaver, by Shirley Martin
Sent back in time, Gwen must save her lover's life. She failed him once before. She can't fail him again. Previously published as "High Wind Rising", Dream Weaver was nominated for the CAPA the Cupid and the Psyche Awards.

Strange dreams haunt Gwen's sleep, of a lonely cabin in the woods and a tall, dark stranger she's never met. While visiting a restored village, Gwen is flung back in time and meets the man of her dreams!

All Christian wants to do is to practice medicine in the Pennsylvania wilderness. He doesn't want to deal with a crazy lady who shows up at his doorstep, claiming to be from the future. And the last thing he wants is to fall in love.

But Gwen and Christian can't deny their past or t...
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Unexpected Partners (UnexpectedSeries Book 1), by Sterna Kruger
HAYLEY MCALLISTER is fiercely determined and focused and has spent her life being groomed to take over her father's business empire. With a pair of unusual green eyes, and an almost cold outlook on life, which has earned her the nick name 'Ice Queen', she has vowed to never let any man turn her into a love-sick-girl; until the day the dark and devastatingly sexy SHAY MARASCINO steps into her world, shattering the ice and taking her sanity and half of her company, with her father's blessing.

When a shocking secret is revealed, Hayley's reaction causes a chain of events that threatens to destroy everything she holds dear…how much can one person forgive?

"Life can be so unexpected…
…and love eve...
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Becky's Boyfriend, by Cody Young
They met at high school…
She's a good girl, and she's never had a boyfriend before, but when she's forced to change school her life takes a new direction. He's eighteen, with Swedish blue eyes and a talent for truancy and trouble. He's the kind of boy that ought to come with a health warning. She's doing the costumes for the summer show, and he's chosen to be the lead singer. When he sings to her for the very first time, the effect on her is electric...
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Escape Plans: 19 Dark Tales of Fantasy and Suspense, by David Sakmyster
Escape Plans is a collection of 19 mind-bending and adrenaline-fueled stories from the award-winning author of THE PHAROS OBJECTIVE, BLINDSPOTS and CRESCENT LAKE. Ranging from dark fantasy and horror to mystery, science fiction and suspense, in these tales you'll encounter a chilling cure for cancer, a demonic GPS device and a ghost marriage to a jealous and deadly bride; here you'll find alternate quantum histories, underwater zombies and a basement serving as a time portal; you'll experience environmental disasters on a galactic scale, meet a man who can erase lives with the stroke of a marker, practice ancient arts of divination-with frightening consequences, and visit a grim future set against humanity's last days. Emotional, ...
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Love and Other Subjects, by Kathleen Shoop
**2013 Independent Publisher Book Award, Silver Medalist--Best Fiction--Mid-Atlantic Region**
**2013 San Francisco Book Festival--Finalist**

For every woman who wonders if she chose the right career…

In Love and Other Subjects Carolyn Jenkins strives for two things-to be the greatest teacher ever and to find true love. She's as skilled at both as an infant trying to eat with a fork. Carolyn's suburban upbringing and genuine compassion for people who don't fit effortlessly into society are no match for weapon-wielding, struggling students, drug-using colleagues, and a wicked principal.

Meanwhile, her budding relationship with a mystery man is thwarted by his gaggle of eccentric sisters...
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