It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

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Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
The "Perfect" Parent: 5 Tools for Using Your Inner Perfection to Connect with Your Kids, by Roma Khetarpal
Get ready for a parenting makeover!

If you're a parent today, you face extreme pressure to get everything exactly "right"-a pursuit of perfection that probably makes parenting feel hard. It encourages you to worry about whether you're doing a good enough job, and to wonder if your kids will turn out okay.

In The "Perfect" Parent, Roma Khetarpal puts all of that agony to rest. She explains that the key to a fulfilling parenting experience is to stop chasing an ideal and instead use your inner perfection to nurture a strong, communicative connection with your children-which will lead them to be happy, think positive, and do good.

Drawing from the fields of personal growth and emotional i...
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Knightshade: Perdition Bleeds, by John Grover
It is the year 1412 in the continent of Eurone. King Gravynmere has sent some of his best soldiers to investigate strange stories in the nearby border town of Faxon.
The men will soon learn there is more truth than fancy to these stories, for something walks in the fields, something with cloven hooves and fire dripping from its hands.

The king will rally his son, Prince Quinn, his entire army and all of the Kingdom of Vanosia to confront the very forces of darkness in an epic tale of adventure, magic and mystery as the veil between their world and Perdition grows thin.

Join the Prince as he battles for his land, his people and his beloved on a mission that will take him to ends of the world and back, through...
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Delicious and Deadly: Invitation to Eden (A Ludlow Hall Story - Book 8), by CC MacKenzie
Falling in Love Can Be Lethal

Emma Ludlow's temperature is rising and it's not because of the sweltering Florida sun. Her lucrative business is slaughter and bloodshed. All she wants is peace and quiet in Eden to plot her latest murder. However, a much-adored celebrity chef is in Eden, too. The man is insufferable with an overblown ego she's dying to... kill. His slow smile may be Delicious, but she won't taste it, not again.

Being famous and wealthy isn't everything it's cracked up to be. Oscar Zamani learned that life lesson the hard way when he let the seductive Emma slip through his fingers. Now an Invitation To Eden has given him a chance to show her that, this time, he can be trusted.

But little does Os...
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Harmonic Deception: Does a tragic childhood excuse murder? (The Liz Hanlon Novels), by Barbara Reed
Does a tragic childhood excuse murder? You decide...

Tonight's performance could make Liz Hanlon's music career. For Liz, the night is magical until three teenage girls in outlandish disguises burst into the LA nightclub with assault weapons. Within minutes, two hundred patrons are stripped of their cell phones and valuables, one man is dead, and two others are wounded. As the robbers make their getaway, the shooter's belligerent remarks let Liz know this is more than a random attack . . . and she is the target.

Desperate to expose the shooter before she attacks again, Liz seeks help from an eccentric investigator and her brother, an attorney, but neither they nor the police detectives believe the crime was personal.
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A Journal of Sin, by Darryl Donaghue
'She walked on cobbled streets and past cottages with an endearing quaint charm, under street lamps of nostalgic beauty and beneath the moon of a starry countryside night. One of these idyllic homes housed a killer. A killer with no qualms about...' Read the first novel in the Sarah Gladstone series. New crime fiction from Ex-Detective Darryl Donaghue (approx. 72,000 words)

A village isolated by a severe storm, and a young officer, alone and out of her depth. A troubled priest is brutally murdered, leaving behind a journal of the residents' confessional secrets; secrets certain people would have preferred he took to the grave. As word spreads, the pressure rises as the eyes of the town watch her every move. With ...
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Ashenland (Love Through the Sands of Time Book 1), by Gianna Scannell
It is the year 1197 BC in Troy of the Dardanelles.

Calypso is seventeen, mistrusting, lonely and mischievous. She should be; she's a princess. She hates her town and everything in it, and dreams to one day fly away from there. She knows nothing of running a royal palace because her mother has that responsibility, but then her mother falls ill. On her death bed she makes Calypso promise to take care of her dad and her people. Unable to fulfill her pledge, Calypso plunges into deep depression. To make matters worse, one night a fiery snake flies over her city and sets it on fire. Alone, confused and scared, tears streaking her soot-plastered face, Calypso invokes her dead mother.

Mother Earth hears her, and standing on th...
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The Second Bat Guano War: a Hardboiled Spy Thriller, by J.M. Porup
From former Lonely Planet author J.M. Porup comes this gritty South American noir...

Rats ate his baby daughter while he partied in a disco. Now Horace "Horse" Mann is a drugged-out expat teaching English to criminals in Lima, Peru. Oh, and doing the odd favor for the CIA.

When his Agency contact, Pitt Watters, goes missing, Horse's desperate efforts to find his only friend lead him to a Buddhist ashram on the shores of Lake Titicaca. There Horse uncovers his friend's involvement with a group of Gaia-worshipping terrorists who want to kill off the human "disease" infecting the earth.

Can Horse find his friend in time? And when he does-will he want to stop him?...
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Death by Nostalgia, by Andrew Stanek
When a young woman is shot dead in the ruins of the demolished building she used to call home, it's up to kleptomaniac detective Felix Green and his straight-laced associate, Sam Alders, to solve the case before the department runs out of patience with both of them. The investigation will take them deep into the victim's past, full of old grudges, lost loves, and missing gold as they unravel the most unusual case of Death by Nostalgia....
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