It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Dead in the Water, by Carol Davis
Nick Moore and Terry Banner investigate sleaze and mayhem for "The Investigators"… a website that's been at the top of the Internet heap for several years. But reader interest has been sliding, and they're desperate for a new scoop, something lurid and attention-grabbing. Something that will grab their readers by the throat and refuse to let them go.

Thompson Lake, a tiny town in New York's Adirondack Mountains, seems to fill the bill. Seventeen people have died there under mysterious circumstances - a situation no one wants to talk about.

For good reason.

Welcome to Thompson Lake, Moore & Banner. It's a great place to visit… but you might not get out alive....
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The Barefoot Retirement Plan, by Doyle Shuler
The Barefoot Retirement Plan reveals a little-known, 150 year old proven retirement planning strategy that quite simply, beats the pants off other plans. That's why many are calling this non-traditional plan, "America's Most Powerful Retirement Plan." Less than .01% have even heard of this patent pending plan. The rich have quietly been using variations of this plan for over a century. Large corporations, banks and financial institutions own hundreds of billions worth of these plans. The reason some of the brightest minds in the world invest so heavily in these strategies is because, they work!

If you're like the majority of Americans who have been faithfully following the mainstream traditional investment advice, an...
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The Killing Game: The Blood Negotiators (The Killing Game Series Book 1), by The Black Rose
THE KILLING GAME "A seductive story about Corruption, Sin, Lust, and Redemption!"

As the Director of the New York Division of the FBI, Ives Andrich is confronted with investigating the woman he has waited a lifetime to find. Because of her more than accurate novel about an Italian crime lord, the Bureau, against Ives' wishes, asks for her help in infiltrating the inner organization of the nation's most nefarious Mafia don.

When the Bureau's plan fails and she becomes dangerously entangled in the private life of the nation's most wanted criminal, Ives' tolerance for Bureau mishaps vanishes. No holds barred, he puts everything on the line to save the woman he loves in Part One of The Killing Game....
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Drama Unsung, by Jennifer Jamelli
All Alexa wants is to be cast as Cosette…until she meets her very own Marius.

Most of the drama in Drama Club happens long before the curtain opens and far away from center stage. Alexa Grace finds herself right at the heart of that drama-in a whirlwind of gossip and emotions and charades-when she moves to a new school and auditions for Les Misérables. She quickly realizes that the auditions are fixed, that the person who is cast as Cosette has it out for her, and that she is in the middle of a dangerous backstage love triangle.

In a tangle of jealousy, passion, frustration, and ambition, Alexa and her castmates struggle to come together to pull off an amazing production. Join them from cast list to curta...
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The Eschaton Tales: Vol.1 (Science Fiction), by Kieran Marcus
In the great cosmic lottery of extinction level events, Earth is about to hit a double jackpot. Join the adventure as the only home humankind has ever known is hurtling towards disaster.

The Eschaton Tales is a series of interconnected science fiction novelettes and short stories that can each be enjoyed individually and out of context but collectively reveal a bigger picture. Vol.1 contains the following stories:

1.1 The Burst
The Conways are a happy little family like millions of others; maybe even a little happier than most. Life presents its challenges as it always does, but by and large, things are good-until on a calm spring night in 2079 it turns out the fault is quite literally in the...
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Mission: Flight To Mars, by V. A. Jeffrey
Bob Astor is a Quality Assurance agent working at Vartan Inc. Lately his days have been stressful, to say the least. Butting heads with upper management has put his career on life support. A surprising change in circumstance has Bob going on a business mission to the moon city, Langrenus. On the way, he meets one of the delegates on board the Starbird, a desperate man with a dark past and a very dangerous secret. Through a mysterious series of events Bob finds himself in the middle of an interplanetary crises that no one knows about. These secrets could change - or destroy - all human life on Earth. The key to the answer of the crises is on the Red Planet, Mars. It's up to Bob, the burnt-out Q. A. agent to rise to the occasion and stem the...
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Food for Thought (1), by Emerald Lindsay
Food for Thought was written by Emerald Lindsay and Aqua Mareen. This book presents to its readers the range of medicinal benefits of foods such as Guava, Mangoes and more. It discusses how specific foods can manage diseases such as Diabetes, Asthma etc.The authors explained how Longevity can be achieved by healthy eating and provides numerous references to enable you to verify the mind blowing information they have provided you with. After most chapters they gifted the readers with unique and healthy recipes. "Live Longer,Eat Healthier"

This is the second edition of the book , with all errors corrected....
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Sol Shall Rise (The Pike Chronicles Book 1), by G. P. Hudson
"Pure High Octane Space Opera"

The Sol System was conquered and humans lived as slaves for 500 long years.

Now, after years of brutal warfare, humanity has been liberated. Liberation, however, comes at a cost. And the Sol System has become nothing more than a puppet state for a vast galactic empire.

For Jon Pike, a war hero who has lost everything, there is no substitute for freedom. And he blames the aliens for humanity's troubles, especially the one living inside him.

But when he is sent on a top secret mission into unexplored regions of the galaxy he discovers that humanity's troubles are just getting started.

Can he find freedom for himself and humanity?
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