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gglass99 said:
Thanks Leslie

I was not sure how to include a link. Can you tell me how its done? Is it just a cut and paste it from Amazon. Jerry
I'm not Leslie but. . . .at the top of the page is a "link maker" link. (Right next to 'Home') When you click it a new window opens. You can search for the book at Amazon, click 'make a link' and then on the right side select whether you want a text link or which size of image link. Once you've selected what you want, copy and paste into your post.

Sometimes you can't find the book through the search but, if that happens, there's a link (small blue writing) to the version 1.0 link maker. A little more cumbersome as you have to go get the info and fill it in youself, but it works if the search doesn't.

Good luck!

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