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book movie trailers

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Has anyone used "book movie trailers" to market their books? What was your experience?

I saw a special on Twitter for them, but I don't know anything about using them.
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Like any marketing tool, they work well if you make them well, and use them properly with reasonable expectations.
I think video is one of the best ways to engage readers. Book trailers, video blogs, readings . . . they seem to work really well.

What was the experience? Um, a lot of people laughed...
Well, it was funny, until I used my time machine to travel into the future read a copy and realize that the whole thing wasn't about pancakes at all, but rather a treatise on how you can't use a time machine to travel into the future and read George Berger's future publications. I was sorely disappointed because three custom officials said I couldn't bring the pancakes or the book back to the present. ;D
I haven't used one yet, but my intention is to do so. I'll likely be back in a few months with more actual information to share. :p
I'm hoping to film my book trailer this weekend, using actual actors... well, not actual actors, but my friends, who readily accept beer for payment.

Some of the trailer takes place underwater offshore the Florida coast, so I'm waiting for calm seas and clear visibility first. I'll use a GoPro for the underwater scenes. Hopefully we don't see too many lobsters because my friends will forget all about the scene and work at catching dinner instead. 

I do plan to put a fair amount of time into producing a really powerful trailer. I have no idea if it will work to sell more books, but I plan to do my best.
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