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I would like your critique on the following quotes from my book.  I am preparing to do a teaser trailer for it.  These quotes are from all over in the book.  They make me smile in anticipation, like seeing the trailer for big block buster movie you want to see.  However, I wrote it so I know what everything is about.  Please give me your opinions and what they make you feel the book is about as well as any positive or negative feedback.

"We are going to kill him and many others along the way" -Angela

"You even smell pretty, and now you're mine." -Bastiana

"I pictured this moment differently." -Kail

"A death of a thousand screams awaits you." -Camden

"She dies and there is nothing you can do to save her." -Xavier

"I want them to pay." -Bastiana
"We will make them all pay." -Vincent

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