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... will be in San Antonio Texas and called BiblioTech.

Readers will get an ereader device on loan and borrow ebooks for two weeks.
Funded by city.
Interior of library will resemble an Apple store.
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That's very cool!
I live in San Antonio and I don't think I had heard of this before. Neat. It it wasn't in the south part of town, I might have checked it out once its open. I guess they might be putting one in north if that one works out?

I am still a bit confused though at how this would work. They have 100 readers they will loan out. So they can only serve 100 people at one time? Or do you bring your own device? Or do you have to read on the computers they have set up.

Interesting, I am going to follow the developments.
Considering the way people steal books from libraries, they're going to be losing ereaders right and left.
Well, they'll just do it like any other fees on your account. Late fees, books not returned or destroyed. I don't know the amount you have to have in there before they cut you off. Wasn't there a case where they arrested someone for library fees? I am not familiar with fees as I never had any.

I wonder if they will start with patrons in good standing first. Those that maybe have had a card for a while already and are not in the habit accumulating fees.

I also wonder what readers they will use to give out.
I just wonder how they're going to pay for it when the world is bankrupt and I doubt they are any different.
I'm just surprised that it's Texas:

Starting off with 100 lendable ereaders, plus other devices. I don't think this says anything about the demise of DTBs as much as it indicates digital has finally arrived.
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