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I went to a Books a Million store yesterday to browse and I saw that they changed the front display to a white table with 2 Nook devices ready to show the wonders of e-books (They used to have all the latest hardcovers there)

Funny how I noticed (after standing in the aisle for fifteen minutes) that people just walked right past it and headed right toward their favorite genre aisle. I suspect that this might have something to do with the fact that the price tag on the Nook was 200 bucks.

People are having a tough enough time deciding on buying the average hardcover that's between $ 25 and $ 35 bucks.

The e-book revolution is HERE! This device is SUPPOSED to be a way to KEEP readers actively engaged in literature!

Heck, I was able to buy my own Kindle at a Target store for $ 114.00? Why can't they just take the hit short term (especially staring into the maw of Holiday shopping) and compete with Amazon's Kindle and look at the long term picture where people (in theory), once they buy a Nook- will purchase (in theory, again) at least twice as many books as they normally do once they discover that most books are discounted by at least HALF the price as they are in the stores?

is it THAT vital to the bottom line to sell the darn thing at full price-- STILL??
Especially after what has happened to Borders?
I mean- if NOBODY buys it then how can you keep ANY consumers interested in either full price paper books OR e-reading?

I mean, they didn't even have one of the clerks (there were 3 on duty) standing near it offering to answer questions about it. (Although I'd imagine the biggest question might be why is it so expensive and so maybe that's why it would be a hard sell anyway?)

Just astounding to me that it had such a huge sticker price
I'm actually surprised that some Books a Million are able to stay open

Has anyone else noticed this display at other Books a Million stores?
Perhaps they plan to drop the price closer to the Holidays? (But then, look at how many e-book buyers they are losing per day with no-one buying the device NOW in July- a full 4 months before Black Friday)

I'm stumped here in Ohio

Meanwhile Toys R Us announced that THEY, too, will be carrying several versions of the Kindle while Office Max will carry Nook
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