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Books all disappeared from Smashwords

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Hmm, all but two of my books have gone missing from my Smashwords dashboard. Anyone else seeing this? I've put in a support email, but you know, might not hear back this side of the summer....
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I'm not missing books, but my stats are all wonky and have stopped showing views and downloads since Wednesday  :-\ I sent them a message as well, although it has to be a bug on their side. Hope it'll be fixed soon!
Yep, I've just gone to Smashwords only to find that 2 of my books are missing.

I really couldn't care less so long as they take them down at the other retailers. Tired of Smashwords now, anyway. They beat me to it.
Something's screwy with SW lately (or maybe the problems are more systemic). Had a book approved for premium months ago. Books sent and went live on B&N and Kobo but never on iTunes (and all I got was crickets chirping trying to figure out why). Finally checked the file other day and it's completely empty. It's a 1Kb download with nothing in it. NOTHING!

Mark needs to get his house in order.
Support responded (same day!), it was a system wide issue, now fixed.
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