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Hi all. Just thought I'd tell you all about a book I stumbled accross the other day. I can't remember how I found his site, but I ended up at Chris Hales's site and started looking at his books. I ended reading the preview of his book, Templar Call to Arms, and I liked what I was reading. So I bought a copy of the book on Kindle.

I'm only about half way through, but this is a very surprising little book. Obviously made mainly for boys, it's a rip-roaring, thrilling, book of adventure and corruption. Following the Robert Harris idea of a changed past, it's interestomg to see the Templar Knights in our world. A lot of it is based on current events and that makes things a whole lot more interesting and exciting.

Like I said, I'm only half way through, but I felt I needed to tell you all about it. It's an amazing book that is so fast paced and interesting. I can only assume that it's going to end equally as well as it started. There are so many interesting things about this book, such as it's rather dynamic use of quilting that adds to the story. I can't recommend this highly enough, but I'll let you all know what I think of it when I've finished!

Give it a go. I'm sure you'll all like it just as much. Chris is a relatively young writer but I feel that he's going to be big. He seems to have such a strong passion for writing, and thrilling his readers. In my opinion he's in a far better league than someone like Dan Brown. I'm sure you'll like his writing equally as much as I do.

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Welcome to KindleBoards, Chris. As promoter of the book, the rules are the same as if you were the author. :)

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Hi all,

My name is Chris and I'm a writer from the UK. I currently have two books available through Amazon Kindle, but I'm a relatively unknown writer at this point. In an attempt to raise my profile I've made both of these books available through my website for FREE.

You can download the books as PDF files, and then use Calibre to convert it into your desired format if needed. You don't have to pay a thing. But, I would appreciate one thing: Can you tell me what you think of the books, and even post reviews on Amazon Kindle. I need to know if you like my books, and my writing.

Visit my website to get the books now or follow the links on the site to see them in Kindle and leave a review. Thanks guys... I do hope you enjoy.

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