The Writers' Cafe on KBoards is one of the busiest places around for discussions about ebooks, writing, and self-publishing. Today we're pleased to feature a selection of books from the pens of authors who participate in KBoards. Take a browse through the books below and discover some great reading material from our community of authors!

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Books from KBoards Authors
49 DAYS, by Erik Hamre
49 Days is a fast paced techno thriller that draws on extensive research into how the human brain functions, and how we perceive reality.

When a washed up New Age psychologist from New York is being granted permission to start the first human DMT-trials since the early 1990s, something goes terribly wrong.

The incident sets off alarm bells within a secret department of the CIA.

On the opposite side of the world a passenger jet explodes mid-air. Against all odds there is a survivor. When the secret division of the CIA learns the identity of the lone survivor, they dispatch a team to apprehend her.

The consequences of a highly secret black operation experiment, set in motion almost forty ye...
Seeking Vengeance: (ATF Romantic Suspense), by M.P. McDonald
Vengeance takes on a whole new meaning in this romantic police thriller.

Tormented with grief...

Sam Brennan has one goal--vengeance. He's done playing by the rules imposed as a cop and goes rogue in his quest for blood.

Scarred and wary...

Molly Flynn balks when her brother Johnny dumps an injured Sam on her doorstep. As a paramedic, she feels compelled to help the man, and after all, he saved her brother's life, but as soon as he's able to ride his motorcycle, she wants him gone. She knows from the past that bikers only bring pain and shame, and now she has her young daughter Kelsie to protect.

Forced together......
A Fistful of Earth (Chronicles of Marsdenfel Book 2), by Misti Wolanski
She has the magic to save her friends-but it'll cost their trust to use it, if not her life…

Lallie Nonsire Cobbleson is no stranger to prejudice. Between her heritage and her childhood spent in an orphanage, she knows full well how most folks like people they find strange. So when her friend, the illegitimate Evonalé Yunan, gets a crown and a husband, it doesn't surprise Lallie that assassins soon follow.
Assassins that Lallie can assassinate in return, if she wants to. If she dares admit what she's become.

But folks fear and hate what she is with good reason. Mages, folks who use magic, commonly go insane, and Lallie's magic is far stronger than most. Strong enough that it's taken control ...
Flight To Exile, by Chris Reher
In the distant future and on a distant planet, brother-warriors Galen and Chor are sent to a nearby moon to rescue a woman whose mental abilities, still untrained and untried, must stand in the way of an advancing enemy.

But the simple assignment turns into a battle for their own survival and their freedom when the truths they discover force them to oppose the will of their ruthless and cruel leader. Reviled as demons by the people living on the moon and pursued by mysterious gods living on another, the brothers will have to decide between the destruction of one civilization and the future of their own world.

One woman can help them escape the bonds that enslave them, but what sacrifice are they willing to make to ...
The Lady in Blue: A Grunge Gods and Graveyards Mystery, by Kimberly G. Giarratano
The Lady in Blue stole a car and fled Ash.
Out on Devlin Road she emerged from a crash.
She wandered the woods with her head dripping blood.
Then drowned in the river in water and mud.

All her life criminology student Liz Bloom has heard this rhyme, meant to scare young campers. When she's about to take on her first cold case, Liz learns the eerie song is about her great aunt Lana. Liz isn't big on studying, but she does have one advantage most criminologists don't -- she can speak to the dead.

In 1955, Lana Bloom was an eighteen-year-old beauty with Hollywood dreams who fell in love with a stranger. When Lana died in a bloody car crash, all signs pointed to the mysterious man who was never seen a...
Echo (The Elan Series Book 1), by Tracie Roberts
He's the one she's been dreaming of but is he the one she's destined to be with?

Tara McAllister has her life figured out: graduate from college, get a job teaching at her old high school, and find a boyfriend that won't care that she's a practicing witch. Everything is falling into place…until the visions begin. Tara's practice has given her a gift--she sees the future. And for her, it includes a gorgeous man that she's never met but definitely knows. She can feel it. Now all she has to do is find him.

Derek Williams just wants to get by. He goes to school, works to help support his family, and enjoys the occasional party with his friends-as long as his supernatural gift doesn't cause a problem...
Raining Men and Corpses: A Fun Cozy Mystery (A Raina Sun Mystery Book 1), by Anne R. Tan
Graduate student Raina Sun is trying to keep her head above water as the bills roll in when her dashing college adviser cons her out of several months of rent. But her quest to get her money back sets into a motion a streak of bad luck.

First, she finds the dead body of an ex-lover and becomes the prime suspect to his murder. The only man she ever loved reappears as the lead detective to the case and wants to reignite their passion (or at least he's sending out smoke signals).

Her life careens out of control as her grandma moves into Raina's postage-stamp-sized apartment, dragging a red suitcase and trouble.

Raina summons her sleuthing skills to extract herself before things get dicey. ...

Marie's Journey (The Ginecean Chronicles Book 2), by Monica La Porta
Marie just turned fifteen and can't wait to leave the Institute where she has been raised with thirty girls, all unwanted like herself. As a fathered woman, she is set to make the best she can with what she was given and dreams of when she will start training as a nurse at Redfarm, her new home. But Redfarm is far from the nurturing environment Marie had envisioned. She meets Grant and, through him, is exposed to the race of men-the workers whose lives are worth even less than hers-and discovers they aren't as despicable as she had been taught to believe. Before she can understand her own feelings, the longing for hugs she can't share with Grant takes hold in her heart and she soon wishes they could be anywhere else but there. Her...