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Books from KBoards Authors
Worse Than Senseless Things: A Science Fiction Thriller, by J Battle

Once he was a hero to millions; now he's just a thief.

When Dan Robinson steals the space ship and travels to Tau Ceti E to pass it on to his boss, everything seems to be going smoothly.

Then the Hru-argh attack begins, and suddenly smooth is hardly the right word.

Dan ends up on the surface of the hot heavy planet, many kilometers from any human settlement, without the food, water or oxygen to reach safety. And he has to put up with Helen, even though he's sure that she is only using him, and there's something about a knife, and diamonds, that he really doesn't want to know about.

Together, they find evidence o...
The Healers' Road (The Balance Academy), by S.E. Robertson
Agna had looked forward to her overseas assignment for the last four years. It was just a side project on the way to taking over her father's art agency, of course, but she eagerly awaited the opportunity to use her education and prove that studying to be a magical healer had been worthwhile.

Keifon never wanted to leave home. His choice was bleak: ship himself overseas, or be shut out by the man he loved. But he followed the gods' will. He only wanted to spend some time alone, make himself useful to the foreigners as a medic, and make up for the things he'd done.

Two strangers, two years, one mission: Travel the back roads of an unfamiliar country and heal those who need to be healed. Including, perhaps, the...
Seven Days From Sunday (An MP-5 CIA Series Thriller Book 1), by M.H. Sargent
In this fast paced thriller, Iraq's top terrorist makes two promises - a kidnapped American contractor will be executed on a given date, his body dumped in Baghdad's Green Zone and a major attack will occur in seven days.

Working desperately to find the American and thwart the impending attack is an elite 4-man CIA team which includes an attractive female doctor. But they can only watch helplessly as the terrorist and his masked henchmen behead the American during a live video feed carried on the Internet.

What they don't know is that one of the masked men is not a terrorist, but completely innocent. He is an Iraqi pharmacist who has infiltrated the group. His only objective - to find his missing fianc�...
Minor Gods: Summoners Book One, by A.M. Yates
In the secret tribes of the Core, humans walk a tenuous line, using ancient masks to channel the gods and their elemental powers.

But the delicate balance between gods and man is fractured when someone resurrects the forbidden mask of a ruthless Earth Goddess and begins a war. Her goal . . . reclaim the natural world from human civilization. Her first victim . . . Josie Day's mother.

After witnessing her mother's murder, seventeen-year-old Josie wants nothing more than to seek justice. Instead, she's forced to return to the tribe she left as a child and expected to act like a normal teenager. Still, the unknown face behind the goddess's mask haunts her. And it isn't the only one.

When the Earth G...
Year of Living Blonde (Sweet Life in Seattle, Book 1), by Andrea Simonne
#1 Hot New Release Women's Fiction DivorceRomantic Comedy Best SellerWomen's Fiction Romance Best Seller
"A funny and sizzling romp about discovering your inner pin-up girl...."

Revenge is a dish...
Plain-Jane bakery owner Natalie Anderson has always followed the recipe for a safe life. When her husband dumps her for a seductive older woman though, it's time to throw out that recipe and start from scratch. She cooks up a plan to transform herself from mousy brown to sexy blonde. Meanwhile, she's trying to expand her Seattle bakery, La Dolce Vita, but keeps running into an obstacle in the form of her irritatingly handsome landlord.

Best s...
Immortal, by Gene Doucette
"I don't know how old I am.My earliest memory is something along the lines of fire good, ice bad, so I think I predate written history, but I don't know by how much. I like to brag that I've been there from the beginning, and while this may very well be true, I generally just say it to pick up girls." --Adam the Immortal

Surviving sixty thousand years takes cunning and more than a little luck. But in the twenty-first century, Adam confronts new dangers-someone has found out what he is, a demon is after him, and he has run out of places to hide.Worst of all, he has had entirely too much to drink.

Immortal is a first person confessional penned by a man who is immortal, but not invincible. In an artful blendi...
Midnight Confessions, by Tammi Labrecque
What happens when the perfect man isn't, and the wrong man is ... perfect?
If there is a list of Good Reasons to Date Somebody, surely "to get my friend some backstage soap opera gossip" is not on it. But if the friend in question is your oldest friend, and you've got nothing better to do since your most recent ex-boyfriend just got engaged to someone else - well, why not?

Jenna just wants to be left in peace to lick her wounds over her ex's new engagement. Jenna's best friend Kari just wants to score soap opera spoilers - among other things - off of scruffy soap star Mitchell Cole. When it turns out that Mitch is interested in Jenna, Kari cooks up a scheme for Jenna to go out with Mitch, so that Ka...
The Secret Language of Crows, by Thea Atkinson
Sometimes to save your life, you must threaten to take it.

Olivia never thought she'd be just another one of those abused women, but now she needs to escape the violent same-sex relationship she finds herself in. When her father suffers a stroke and requires 24-hour care, she recognizes an opportunity to start fresh.

The problem is that she must return to a dysfunctional childhood home full of memories that drove her away in the first place, and that sent her brother spiralling into addiction.

In order to avoid her own self-destruction, Olivia must find a way to resolve her mother's suicide, her brother's addiction, and her father's need to be understood-- even if it means she must delve into...