The Writers' Cafe on KBoards is one of the busiest places around for discussions about ebooks, writing, and self-publishing. Today we're pleased to feature a selection of books from the pens of authors who participate in KBoards. Take a browse through the books below and discover some great reading material from our community of authors!

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Books from KBoards Authors
A Thread of Time: Firesetter, Book 1, by J. Naomi Ay
It was clear to Lance that his father hated him. Why else would he leave everything to Hank, except for that coin? You know, the one with some dude's head on it, the ancient Euro or whatever it was. Except it wasn't a Euro according to the pawnbroker. Turns out, it's an old Imperial Coin from the days of the Great Emperor, and it might be worth a whole lot of dough on the other side of the galaxy, if Lance could somehow manage to take it there.

But, how does a guy, who owes the hospital a lifetime's worth of earnings, manage to travel across the stars? Turns out, he can do it for free. Not only that, but he can get three squares a day, an apartment complete with roommates, and two sets of clothes, albeit in spande...
City of Ghosts: A Mystery in Vienna, by Shawn Kobb
VIENNA. A city of history and culture, where Mozart, Freud, and Beethoven once walked the streets. For American university student Jake Meyer, it is a chance to recover from a family tragedy he left behind. Surrounded by the baroque palaces and charming squares of the city, he hopes to pull his life back together.

However, Jake quickly learns danger lurks in the most beautiful of places and his life takes a deadly turn when he provides a false alibi to an attractive fellow student seen fleeing the murder scene of her ex-boyfriend.

When secrets from a forgotten war are unearthed, the mystery and body count start to pile up at Jake's feet. With only the help of a friendly American consular officer, can Jake survive...
Learning To America, by E.R.R. Smith
Pity Grigor.

After the dictator is overthrown in his home country, Grigor is sent to America to learn about democracy. Arriving in the midst of a presidential election, he is subjected to a crash course in the madness and spectacle of modern American politics.

"Learning To America" is the satire that makes fun of you....
Bless Me Father, by Georgette Symonds
See into the disturbed mind of a priest whose god leads him into pedophilia and murder!
While hearing confession at St. Michael the Archangel's Church, visiting priest Father Eugene O'Reilly hears Father Nick Ragucci admit; "I have the body of a boy in my trunk."
As Father O'Reilly struggles not to break the Sacramental Seal of Confession, Detectives Jamie Lawson and Fred Washington race the clock to find eight year old Kevin Burns.
In this fast paced suspense novel, BLESS ME FATHER, Father O'Reilly fights an inner battle as he tries to rid the Catholic church of the evil thread running through it.

"An unusual insight into the psyche of a Catholic priest as he wrestles with good an...
5 Minute iPhone Texting: The Beginner's Guide to iMessage, by Sam LeHardy
After teaching his mom, a first time smart phone owner, to text on her new iPhone, author and former Apple employee, Sam LeHardy came up with a robust guide which can be used by all those with new iPhones who aren't tech-savvy. 5 Minute iPhone Texting was born from many hours of teaching family members who were intimidated by their new smartphones. Rather than spend all day emailing and calling those in need, Sam created this guide.

It's the quickest way to learn Messaging on your iPhone!

Your iPhone can do more with iMessages than just text! Whether you want to share a picture, a video, or say "I love you!" with the sound of your voice. The 5 Minute iPhone Texting guide will show you how to go beyond words using e...
The Dangers of Islam: The Terrorist, by Helena Won
Dawood Khan, an American Muslim soldier in the US Army, had been an outsider for a good portion of his life. His Islamic identity was something he cherished, but others looked down on in disdain. Bullies at school ridiculed, mentally tortured, and physically assaulted Dawood for cherishing that identity. After a horrifying encounter with his high school bully, Dawood decided that enough was enough. He grew wiser, determined to face the terrorists that his religion was forcibly associated with. His decisions enabled him to encounter terrorists who killed in the name of their Creator, terrorists that claimed to follow the same religion he followed. For disagreeing with their twisted beliefs, these terrorists executed men, women, and children....
SEDAHLIA, by Cynthia D. Toliver
After fleeing post-Civil War Georgia, John Masters, Sr., his wife Virginia Masters, and their rebellious servant Jessie Lindsey have built new lives in Texas ranch country. Now their offspring, Johnny Masters and Rachel Lindsey, are in love. On the isolated, sprawling Sedahlia ranch, their youthful dalliances are largely overlooked until Rachel becomes pregnant, forcing Rachel to leave Texas for a freedman's school in Georgia.

From the insulated Sedahlia ranch to the Jim Crow south, the rails both separate and unite - parting lovers, reuniting family, pushing out the old, bringing in the new. It is in these settings that the Masters and Lindseys live and love, and their personal needs and mores collide. The repercussions rumb...
The Treasure Hunters Club, Book 3: The Search for Excalibur, by Sean McCartney
Tommy Reed and the Treasure Hunters Club have been on many thrilling treasure hunts, but their latest undertaking will take every amount of their smarts, ingenuity, teamwork, youth and grit.

When a secret government agency asks Tommy and the Club to help them search for the first of the mythical Twelve Treasures they can't resist the temptation.

Find King Arthur's sword Excalibur!

But a secret society known as the Brotherhood, led by a mysterious man known as the Baron, is also looking for the great weapon for their own use.

The Baron's goal? Acquire all of the Twelve Treasures and create a new world order.

Unbeknownst to the Treasure Hunters Club they have stumbled o...