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Books from old Kindle to new Kindle Fire HD??

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Since my daughter has bought a Kindle Fire HD for me, (she will bring it this weekend), I assume it will be under her account.  I think what you do is de-register it then re-register it to my account, right?  Will my books from my old Kindle automatically show up on my new Kindle once registered, or is there something I have to do?  Just trying to figure some of this out  beforehand.  Thanks!!
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It may not be.  If she marked it as a gift it will come un registered.  When you get it you just register it to your account -- you'll need to be able to connect wirelessly for that process to complete.

If it is registered to hers, just de-register it via the device first.

Any books already on your account should show on the Carousel, but in my experience it won't necessarily go back to the beginning of forever.  They WILL all show under Books in the Cloud.  To get one to the Device, just tap it and it'll download pretty quickly.

There are books about the Fire that you could buy and download NOW to your Kindle to read about it.  Sadly, there's no printable documentation at Amazon.  There are the general 'help' pages, though that you might want to browse through.

here are the links to the online help for the 7" and 8.9" Fire HDs:

Fire HD 7"

Fire HD 8.9"

Thank you both!  :)
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