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This is a new app for authors made by some author friends of mine.

I am not invested in it in any way, and am not endorsing it per se, but I'm putting it out there for everyone to take a look at. They're in the initial stages so I'm sure they would not mind feedback.

Here's the blurb:


"Follow me on Amazon!" "Follow me on BookBub!" "Follow me on Facebook!" "Follow me on Twitter!" 😴👎😕🥵
Nah... just go here:

We authors spend way too much of our time harrying our fans to follow us on various platforms... and what do we get for it?

Can you reach out to them? Tell them when you have a book deal? Tell them when you've got a new release date coming up? Send them a cat video? Do you have *any* control at all over communicating with those followers? Nope. 😔 1,000 followers on a social media platform might maybe get you 10 or 20 likes when you post something. Maybe a handful of clicks. Maybe. So, all that hard work and marketing money you spend trying to get followers... are they really *your* followers, or are you just promoting someone else's platform for them? 🤬

So we try to get newsletter followers. Great. If we don't constantly prune our lists, we'll get maybe 10-20% open rates, if we're lucky. If it costs you a dollar in marketing to get a newsletter subscriber, and you send an email to 100 fans, 20 of them open your email, and 4 buy your books, you've just spent $100 to sell four books.
And we try to make up for it in volume 😂🤣🤨😭

Here's the thing... our fans are TIRED of email. Email open rates keep falling because everyone, their cousin, and their cousin's best friend's sister's dog all have a newsletter. It's not that your fans don't want to hear about your new book - they do! But good luck cutting through all the spam and clutter.
Enter BookSniffer.

You can directly MESSAGE ALL YOUR FOLLOWERS on BookSniffer. Once per month. All. Of. Them. Free. Forever. Send them what you want, when you want - whether it's a book deal or a cat video.

These messages come RIGHT to their BookSniffer app - at the time of day THEY indicate they want to get new book-related messages. The reader is in control of what they see, and when they see it. YOU are in control of what you send, and when you send it.

Free for you. Free for readers. No spam, no clutter, no noise.

Now check THIS out. Not only are we going to let you message your followers for free on BookSniffer... we are going to REWARD you for getting followers.
So, we have an announcement to make.

*taps mic*
Is this thing on?


You heard that right. One. Million Dollars.
It's called The BookSniffer Million.
Here's how it works:

1. Claim your free author account at Fill out your profile so we can make you a free fancy-schmancy author page, with links to all your social media profiles and books and such.

2. Give your fans your unique BookSniffer "follow me" link (it will be there in your dashboard once we verify your account). It will take them right inside the app, whether it's iOS or Android, to YOUR stuff so they can follow you with one click. If they don't yet have the app, they can download it on the spot.

3. THAT'S IT. You get credit for the number of followers you earn, and when we reach one million readers, we'll pass out the ad bucks based on your share of followers on the platform!

You'll be able to use those ad bucks for AMAZING in-app promotional opportunities, including genre-wide messaging blasts to gain MORE followers and sell MORE books.
So let's recap:

- You can message all your followers for free on BookSniffer.
- We actually REWARD you for getting followers.
- When we grow, YOU grow - free.

We've been building other people's platforms (for free) for long enough.

Let's build BookSniffer together.

Questions? Visit https: or shoot us an email at [email protected] We're authors, too, and we're here to help.

Note: our app is only available in U.S. stores right now, but we're adding more countries soon. Please email us and let us know where YOU'D like to see the BookSniffer app.
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