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Booktrack your stories to market kindle books

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I was introduced to booktrack last fall and thought I'd share my experience with other authors.

Get ready for a ride... It's cool! You can soundtrack your stories as companions to ebooks, or segments of them, with movie like music and effects. Easy to put together and creates an impressive result. The site is free, which makes it all the more attractive. In an nutshell you can create exposure & buzz for your new releases while adding dimension to stories...mood, action, humour, mystery...

The site allows users to drag audio regions over top their imported text. The interface is ridiculously simple to use. It requires little or no training. On the audio editor page authors can set the length, fade in, fade out settings for each track. The audio library supports thousands of movie quality music and sound effects to choose from. You can search for audio by genre, classical, jazz, rock, ambient ... or theme, 'adventure', 'crime', thriller'... or style, 'flute', 'strings' ... or mood, 'comic', 'sad', 'quiet-curious', or type in the effect you are looking for, like 'open door', 'woman laugh', 'dungeon gate', 'troll roar' etc.

Here's a sampling of some booktracks to show what kind of textures it's possible to create:
Grinneth (Adventure-fantasy, uses classical themes and tribal beats, creature effects)
Pirates (Adventure, uses classical themes/suspense clips, sword fight effects)
The Movie Maker (SF, near future, uses techno and rock themes)
Magical Entities Are Not For Sale (young readers, uses easy listening/acoustic/atmospheric themes)
Curse of the Crugmut (fantasy-adventure, dark magic, uses Lord of Rings/classical themes)
Koruka's Prophecy (historical fiction/fantasy, uses world music/Egyptian themes with desert/tomb effects)
Ahrion's Minions (sword and sorcery, zombie, uses suspense/thriller themes with creature effects)
Wolf's-head : The Yard (comic adventure, uses 'Bugs Bunny'-like background themes with 'Punch and Judy' effects)

You can create your own author page, listing your works and bio and can supply links to your ebooks on your booktrack page. Optionally, you can embed your soundtracked works on your own web site if you wish.

Here's a good tutorial on how to set up a booktrack. It was posted by Chazz, audio engineer at booktrack who introduced me to the site; also a great musician who contributed to the audio library, check out 'Flirting with Disaster'.
Also check out his very popular Mall War Z booktrack.

Have fun!

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