Today's Box Set Bargain is an eight-pack of horror, from noted authors including Mark Tufo and Scott Nicholson. Get all eight for a mere 99 cents today!
Horror Within : 8 Book Boxed Set

Authors: Mark Tufo, Scott Nicholson, Robert Chazz Chute, Ian Woodhead, Eric A. Shelman, Tony Baker, Travis Tufo, Armand Rosamilia, J.T. Warren

Genre: Horror / Sci-Fi
Est. Pages: 831
Price: $0.99

****8 Book Boxed Set**** For a limited time at $0.99! Something for every horror lover in this 831 page set.

Armand Rosamilia - Dying Days
Travis Tufo - Red Sky
Tony Baker - From The Ashes
Eric A. Shelman - Dead Hunger
Ian Woodhead - The Unwashed Dead
Robert Chazz Chute - This Plague Of Days
Mark Tufo - Zombie Fallout + Bonus Short Mayan Prophecy
Scott Nicholson/ J.T. Warren - Meat Camp
"I have to say it's really hard to find a good boxset where ALL the stories are good. But, this is one of the exceptions. I mean, all of the stories were really good. Of course there are always stories that were exceptional and for me, starting with my absolute favorite are: Dead Hunger, From The Ashes, Zombie Fallout and Dying Days. As I said before, all stories were good, but the one's I mentioned were exceptional. Dead Hunger was #1 for me because it was just awesome and I found myself getting very attached to Flex, Gem, Hemp, Charlie and little Trina. There's actually a part near the end that made me tear up, now that's good writing! From the Ashes had me rooting for the good guys, love Harry, Derrick and Frank! They would definitely be the one's I'd follow in a Zombie crisis. Zombie Fallout and Dying Days were very fun to read, and had great characters and good humor. Overall this book is definitely highly recommended!" -- Amazon reviewer

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