10 Sizzling Contemporary Romances! Today's Box Set Bargain is a ten-pack of contemporary romance, including five newly-published stories! From the authors of the popular "Passionate Kisses" boxed set, this treasure trove of romance is bargain priced at 99 cents.
Passionate Kisses 2 Boxed Set: Love in Bloom

Authors: Magda Alexander, Wendy Ely, Kylie Gilmore, Allie Boniface, Liz Kelly, Nikki Lynn Barrett, Sydney Holmes, Rebecca J. Clark, Victoria Barbour, Jessi Gage

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Ave. Rating: 4.4 stars
Est. Pages: 3,000+
Price: $0.99

From the authors of the bestselling Passionate Kisses Boxed Set, comes a new set featuring five never-before-published stories. Dive into this collection of 10 contemporary romance novels and novellas ranging from sweet to sizzling:

Up Close and Personal by MAGDA ALEXANDER

Desperate to pay her mother's medical bills, Caitlyn Bennett's thrilled when Sterling MacKay hires her as his personal assistant. But soon the reclusive billionaire demands things no gal Friday should be expected to do. Should she walk away? Or surrender to her desires … and him?

Split Decision by USA Today Bestselling Author WENDY ELY

Sports reporter Grace Avery is up for a promotion, but only if she gets an interview with the notoriously private, heavy weight champion, Rally Brewer. Grace discovers who Rally is beyond the boxing ring. Little does anyone know, as Grace gets Rally to open up, a two-year-old secret is in jeopardy. Is revealing his secret worth gaining Grace's love?

Stud Unleashed: Barry by KYLIE GILMORE

Successful, not-so-great-with-the-ladies, nice guy Barry Furnukle can't believe his luck when Amber Lewis agrees to date him. But when the world's most awesome date (birding and fro-yo) lands him in the friend zone, it's time to unleash his inner stud to win the woman he can't forget.

Setting Sail by ALLIE BONIFACE

When real estate agent Jason McClintock discovers his billionaire client's latest target is the historic diner owned and run by his high school crush, Pearl DeVane, things get more than a little complicated. Does forging a successful career mean giving up everything from his past, including the only woman to ever steal his heart?

Tempting Vivi by LIZ KELLY

Graduating college and starting her dream job, Vivi DuVal's confidence is severely shaken, sending her spinning right into the arms of heroic Lane Kettering. But their ultra romantic beach fling may turn into nothing but tabloid fodder when Lane's secret is revealed, tossing Vivi into some very hot, tempting water.

A Masterpiece of Our Love by NIKKI LYNN BARRETT
Their lives are entwined by a tragedy. Now twenty years later, neither Becca or Hunter can deny the deeper feelings they have for the other. Their bond is tested when an unknown face from the past wants them to remember the entire events of the fateful crash that changed their lives.

When beautiful and mysterious Rowan Baker moves upstairs from Shane Adams, he's instantly captivated, but as an experienced Private Investigator, he can't shake the suspicion that Rowan is hiding something. Rowan is good at keeping her distance from people, but can't seem to stay away from Shane. The closer they get, the more she fears he won't accept her if he learns the truth.

Borrowed Stilettos by REBECCA J. CLARK
Plans go hilariously awry when mild-mannered Audrey Thompson dresses as Ava, her flamboyant but cowardly twin, in order to break up with Ava's fiancé, Zach Banister. However, as Audrey pretends to be Ava-which means stuffing her bra and tottering around in borrowed stilettos-she can't help falling for Zach herself. Little does she know he has his own agenda, one that involves a seduction she can't refuse.

Looks can be deceiving. Just ask Classics professor Jillian Carew. At first glance, Evan Sharp is every inch a bona fide god amongst mortals. But at heart he's nothing more than your typical geek. Can she really make it work with a man who pretends to be an ogre-fighting dwarf, even if he's hotter than the Roman soldiers that invade her dreams?

Jade's Spirit by JESSI GAGE
Lawn care business owner Emmett has kept his youth-group virginity vow for a decade. When his next client turns out to be Jade, a stripper on the run from an abusive boyfriend, he finds himself tempted to the breaking point.
"One of the real pleasures in this box set is Liz Kelly's latest. Tempting Vivi starts out on a beach under the hot summer sun. If you're anywhere in the Midwest or Northeast right now, I've said enough. But even when they're off the beach, Vivi and Lane generate enough heat to make you forget about subzero temps and mountains of snow. Kelly has crafted another delightful story full of sparkling dialogue, humor and the type of people it's just fun to spend time with. Give yourself a treat. Read Tempting Vivi!" -- Amazon reviewer

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