This seven-part box set chronicles a variety of events in a utopia. Today's Box Set Bargain is a seven-pack of sci fi, from Jedaiah Ramnarine, Ian Makarov, and Daniel Perusko. Download the complete set for your Kindle today for the unbeatable price of $0.99.

PSI Raise Scifi: A Seven Book Science Fiction Box Set

Authors: Jedaiah Ramnarine, Ian Makarov, Daniel Perusko

Genre: Science Fiction
Ave. Rating: 5 stars
Est. Pages:
Price: $0.99

PSI Raise Scifi is a collection of seven science fiction stories, ranging from epic to personal, war to love, and from the end of the world to utopia itself. Strap in for the ride, because you're about to experience a whole new universe right at your fingertips...

Reborn In A Fire: The Nyxe Legacy - by Jedaiah Ramnarine (Jedaiahx)

By the year 2020, the world bows to the dawn of a sophisticated virtual reality named REBORN - a place where anything is possible. When the young and creative, but isolated Nixie escapes into her new life in the virtual world, she uncovers a hidden agenda, dedicated toward training REBORN users into savage killers of an impending world war.

Stellar Bliss One: Peace In The Forgotten Dream - by Jedaiah Ramnarine (Jedaiahx)
There's a war on the horizon. Peace doesn't look like an option. In the year 2100, A tyrannical empire of demigods, capable of mass, cataclysmic destruction, are on the hunt to capture two of the original BLISS ONES - genetically-evolved gods that changed the fate of mankind 70 years ago.

City Of Blood: War Of The Elements - by Daniel Perusko

Fifty thousand years ago, the red planet teemed with life. Rich green grass painted the landscape. The atmosphere boasted a blue hue. How did Mars become what it is today? This is the tale of a lost era of history. Wars raged for centuries, tearing the planet apart. Through it all, an even greater catastrophe is brewing on the red planet. Drake finds himself snatched from his daily life and thrown into a Martian metropolis where the streets run red with rivers of blood.

Poison Flower: War Of The Elements - by Daniel Perusko

Poison is offered a job at Sigma Squad, an elite squad of assassins whose task is the termination of high priority targets. Everything goes smoothly, until the day her world came crumbling down. Through the death and the lies, a far more sinister plot is unveiled -- one that would threaten the very fabric of humanity. If that wasn't enough, a mystery figure enters the fold with an agenda of his own. Poison is about to have the worst day ever -- one which she will never forget.

Prometheus Ascendant: The Spirit of Defiance - by Ian Makarov
When cyborg infiltrator Echo goes renegade, the ruthless Red Sun Incorporated will go to any length to capture or destroy her, in order to safeguard its dirty secrets. What they don't realize is that this no-holds-barred manhunt might just spell their own doom.

Eighteen Wheels Of Vengeance: The Wasteland Chronicles - by Ian Makarov

The Wasteland can be a tough place to live, but those tough enough, ruthless enough and smart enough can make a good living in it. Nukkie is one of those people. Born to a crime syndicate known as the Haulers, who can procure and transport anything anyone's heart can desire, she has built herself a reputation as the most reliable courier of "sensitive" commodities. When her latest cargo gets her best friend killed, however, she'll stop at nothing to see the ones responsible punished...

Praetor: Inject The World - by Jedaiah Ramnarine (Jedaiahx)

A rogue discovery finds an asteroid heading to earth and an alien crash that might just spell doomsday for the whole world, until, The Praetorians - An elite, secret agency is called into action to save our world. With the clock ticking every minute, can this unit really be mankind's last hope?
What an astonishing collection of works by these three authors. I feel like I've stepped into a new world. Parts of these stories can be quite deep and philosophical at times. I was endlessly entertained for hours on end. Well worth the money. You won't be disappointed ;) -- Amazon Reviewer

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