2200 pages of rocket-fueled adventure! Includes exclusive bonus content.

Today's Box Set Bargain is a 10-pack of sci-fi space opera, from noted names in the genre. Download the complete set for your Kindle today for the unbeatable price of $0.99.
Stars & Empire: 10 Galactic Tales

Authors: Jay Allan, Michael Bunker, Joshua Dalzelle, Isaac Hooke, Christopher Nuttall, Edward W Robertson, Jasper T Scott, Endi Webb, Dietmar Arthur Wehr, Raymond L Weil

Genre: Sci-Fi
Ave. Rating: 4.6 stars
Est. Pages: 2,200
Price: $0.99

Humanity wasn't built for peace. Not on Earth. Not in space. Not on other worlds. Join first colonizers, space marines and rebel forces as they battle for domination against separate factions, alien nations and, sometimes, themselves across the galaxies.

10 of the most recognizable names in space opera today bring you a value-packed bundle like no other, containing everything from full-length novels to tantalizing episode starts to popular serials. The same works you see right on Amazon's bestseller lists.

About 2200 pages of rocket-fueled adventure!

Most of the authors have provided special content - from deleted scenes to complete short stories - you won't find anywhere else!

This LIMITED-EDITION bundle includes:

MARINES (Crimson Worlds 1) - Jay Allan
PENNSYLVANIA: Book 1 - Michael Bunker
OMEGA RISING (Omega Force 1) - Joshua Dalzelle
FOREVER GATE: Part 1 - Isaac Hooke
THE EMPIRE'S CORPS - Christopher G. Nuttall
REBEL - Edward W. Robertson
DARK SPACE: Book 1 - Jasper T. Scott
THE TERRAN GAMBIT (Episode #1: The Pax Humana Saga) - Endi Webb
THE SYNCHRONICITY WAR: Part I - Dietmar Arthur Wehr
GALACTIC EMPIRE WARS: Destruction - Raymond L. Weil
Great plots and twists! I've read Dark Space 1,2,3 by Jasper T. Scott and Pennsylvania Omnibus (1-5) by Michael Bunker. Both are great novels with unexpected plots and twists.

Scott's Dark Space series starts like a typical "humans have expanded to many, many systems and now encounter an enemy alien race", but quickly transforms into an interesting tale of a defeated humanity trying to survive. I am currently reading book 4 "Revenge".

Michael Bunker's "Pennsylvania" is another that has an interesting premise - that the Amish society we know today has survived substantially unchanged in a future where colonization of other planets is possible. But again some interesting twists keep the reader involved throughout the book. Eagerly awaiting "Oklahoma" the next in the series.

My enjoyable reads of these 2 authors bodes well for the rest of the stories in "Stars & Empire". -- Amazon reviewer

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