Colonel Kyle Martin is there as Earth makes its first contact with an alien race - but now must create an alliance to defeat an invading armada. A compelling Military Sci-Fi adventure, $2.99 today!

Bright Horizons, by Wilson Harp

"Wilson Harp tells a good story. Bright Horizons gives a new take on the "first contact" story. It was interesting to watch the character interactions, and see how the humans and the aliens each react to the sudden broadening of their worldview. Bright Horizons shows a faith in the adaptability and moral nature of humanity that has more of the optimism of Stargate or Star Trek than the more cynical view of say, Avatar. Not that it's touting the military-industrial complex as an ideal, but the main characters, as Marines, are part of that complex without having their humanity corrupted by it. They are flawed individuals who have learned from their difficult pasts, and as such are primed for the individual growth and change that will be required of them. I recommend you buy Bright Horizons and enjoy this character-driven story, its interesting near-future universe, and its unrelenting action." -- Amazon reviewer
Earth has made first contact with an alien race. At the historic first meeting, an ambush was launched that put peace for humanity out of reach. Colonel Kyle Martin was there that day. It was his leadership and the bravery of his marines that saved what little hope mankind had. When Earth was threatened with invasion, Martin again felt the weight of war pressing down on him.

Known as the Butcher of Hyderabad for his decisions in the Indian War, Martin seemed a poor choice to guard the peace but the perfect man to organize the forces of Earth to defend itself from the coming alien scourge.

With a select team of humans and a few allies among the alien races, Martin is tasked with not only defeating the invading armada, but with making sure that Earth is kept free from any alien domination.

Faced with impossible odds against an overwhelming foe with advanced technology, it is only a secret about Earth itself that gives Martin the glimmer of hope to succeed.

With his "lucky charm" Ramirez, his go-to girl Kitch, and an unshakable Sergeant Major, Martin rolls the die time after time in audacious gambles with the stakes being nothing less than the survival of the human race. Face-paced action awaits in this military sci-fi adventure.

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Meet the Author

Wilson Harp is a writer working out of the American Midwest. After working at a desk for 18 years, he is now pursuing a career in writing.

He has two novels out now: 'Bright Horizons', a military science fiction story, and 'The Ghost of Sherwood', a retelling of the Robin Hood tale.

In addition he has a book of stories from the Bible that is geared to adults called 'Bible Stories for Grown-Ups'.

Currently he is finishing the first collection of short stories in his 'Tales of the Silver Sword Inn' series, and will start working on the sequel to 'Bright Horizons' in May.

You can visit his webpage at

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