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A down-and-out street kid by age fifteen.
A ghetto-dwelling ganja-head by age seventeen.
A street-fighting gangster by age eighteen.
A car-jacking gunman by age nineteen.
Facing death in the world's most notorious prison by age twenty-one.
His gang name is "The Mamba".
His real name is George Obama.
He's the American President's brother.
You'll like him.

In this brilliant autobiography, George Obama, the brother of the most powerful man in the world, tells a story that is gripping, moving and inspirational. Born into a completely different world from his brother, he was caught up in a life of crime, where lives were cheap and short, and violence was the only way a man could fight his way out of the ghetto.

But through strength and character, George Obama turned everything around - escaping the gangs and building a future for himself.

From survival to hope, 'Brother' tells his amazing story.

It is a book that will appeal to anyone who wants to know more about the extraordinary family of the world's most powerful political leader - as well as day-to-day life on Africa's meanest streets.



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