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I haven't seen much about this, but it's my only major gripe with the Kindle, so wondered if anyone has discovered a workaround or knows a setting to fix it.

I realize people really want folders, it's probably the biggest request at the moment (and the 1.2 firmware upgrade didn't include that, I guess), but for me, my biggest problem is when using the browser. Often, no matter what size I have the font set at, the display will cut off the bottom of the characters in the last line displayed (could be cut off 3/4, could be 1/2, could be just 1/4). When I page forward, I get the bottom half of of the characters for the line that was cut in two from the previous display...but often, it's difficult to discern the words from either just the top or just the bottom of the characters.

If there were either (a) a way to quickly toggle on and off the lower status bar (where the battery and Whispernet status display) and/or the upper URL status bar, to display the text obscured by those elements, that would be enough; OR (b) the browser obviously divides up an entire page of text to determine how much to display for a given font size. Based on the same algorithms, at the top of the next page, it should be able to display the bottom 2% to 5% (or whatever; again, based on font size) of the previous page, to read the line that was cut off.

Anyone else frustrated with this problem? More importantly, anyone figured out a workaround or know of a special toggle switch for the status bars, or...anything? I can keep switching through various font sizes, but I have to re-find my place and then I'll have to change the font again when it cuts off at that font size. So constantly change font sizes isn't really a solution.

It should be noted that however Amazon's book formatting/publishing software works, it has solved this problem, and I don't notice lines getting cut in half at any font size when I'm reading a book or the blogs (e.g., Slate) that can be subscribed to and because they get formatted for Kindle reading rather than Kindle browsing. In addition to being able to read later when Whispernet is off, this would be the main advantage of subscribing to something that you could otherwise read via the browser -- so I worry that there may not be a major incentive for Amazon to fix this problem.
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