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I helped edit an issue of a literary journal a few years back. That issue was just made available on the Kindle. For those who may have heard about my book elsewhere on these forums, I'd like to say: This collection of short stories may be weird, but I doubt it'll offend anyone. It's just a collection of off-beat stories.

"Includes stories by Joey Goebel, Stephen Graham Jones, D. Harlan Wilson, Anthony Neil Smith, Jeremy C. Shipp, Bryson Newhart, Andrew Adams, Julius Henry, and Ryder Collins. Cover art by Brandon Duncan."

"Despite being around for just two years, Bust Down the Door & Eat All the Chickens has quickly become the figurehead publication for the Bizarro, Absurdist, and modern Surrealist literary movements. In every issue, editor/author Bradley Sands (It Came from Below the Belt) assembles an impressive line-up of groundbreaking prose from some excellent up-and-coming and established writers. The release of issue six continues the magazine's tradition of high-quality, offbeat fiction."
The Dream People

I have a story included in the issue, written under the pseudonym Julius Henry.

Here's an excerpt from a review of the collection:

Julius Henry begins with an amusing and compelling tale of two people and the strange item they find. The story is told entirely through dialogue between the two characters, a technique used to great effect here.

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