Butterfly Stitching, by Shermin Kruse
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376 pages, with a 5.0-star rating from 41 reviews

"Kruse's novel does an amazing job of portraying the way Islam (or any religion) can be improperly misused by those in power to oppress a population. I very much appreciated how the author heavily criticized religious oppression but portrayed Islam itself as it is practiced by many of its believers beautifully. This is masterfully shown in one of the scenes where Samira is meditating to prayer and loses herself to the pure love of God. My favorite part of the book is the romance between Samira and Armin and how they get carried away in their adulterous relationship. This novel should definitely be one of Oprah's picks!" -- Amazon reviewer
Terrifying Iranian secret police. An inspiring forbidden love. And the horrors of war. Butterfly Stitching weaves a stunning tapestry of the lives of Sahar and Samira, daughter and mother. And through the strength, beauty and imagination of these remarkable women, reveals Iran herself.

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