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I bought a Kindle.

My main reason for buying it was to save storage space. I've bought about 30-40 books a year for the past fifteen years or so, and I'm continually running out of bookshelf space. I have to take books to used bookstores or donate them to the library, not because I don't want them, but because I need to free up space.

A second reason was that shipping books to Canada is relatively expensive and takes much longer than shipping books domestically within the United States. To save on the time and expense of shipping the Kindle itself, I bought the device at a local Staples, where the price was $119 Canadian dollars plus Canadian taxes.

I chose the Kindle because, although only about 10 percent of books in print are available for the Kindle, that's a far higher percentage than any competing device.

Registering it was relatively straightforward, though the onscreen keyboard was a pain to operate with only the five-way key at the bottom. The model I bought doesn't have a real keyboard or a touchscreen.

I then purchased a Kindle ebook via my PC, and presto, it shows up on my Kindle. (Of course, this assumes you already have a Wi-Fi router.)

It's relatively easy to read the characters on the Kindle screen, but you do need to have just the right amount of light - enough to see the text, but not so much that you get glare reflected back.

Now for the things I don't like.

The text justification is awful. I mean absolutely AWFUL. It doesn't hyphenate words, and it uses monster wordspaces to produce full justification. An option for ragged right margins doesn't exist on this model, unless you go in and do a hack described in various places on the Internet. (Google KINDLE ALLOW JUSTIFICATION CHANGE.)

Finding a particular page in the ebook is much harder than it would be with a real book.

And, at six inches diagonally, the screen is just a tad small for my liking.

On the whole, then, I would describe myself as "moderately pleased" with my purchase.
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