Readers are gushing about Kelly Cochran's debut novel, "Buying Time" -- the first in her Aspen Moore series. Typical comments:
  • "I had so much fun reading about Aspen and her misadventures!"
  • "She's a great character... so easy for anyone to relate to."
  • "I liked the developing relationships between her and Peter and Jack."
Read on for more on this highly-rated cozy mystery starring personal concierge Aspen Moore.

Buying Time (An Aspen Moore Novel), by Kelly Cochran
Price: $2.99
318 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 36 reviews

"Quirky and fun to read! The perfect balance. Enough quirkiness to be fun but not too outragious.Enough tasteful romantic "heat factor" without being too offensive. The witty humor flowing nicely gives you many laugh out loud moments without being goofy. " -- Amazon reviewer
Aspen Moore has a new life in a new city, complete with a new career. As a personal concierge, she sells her time to those who don't have enough. One of the perks of her business is focusing on other people's lives so she doesn't have to face the demons in her own.

When Aspen's most loyal customer dies and his suicide looks eerily like murder, she anonymously tips off the police so she won't expose a secret she desperately needs to keep. But, murder and mayhem are a bothersome duo and she soon finds herself caught in a web of chaos.

A string of crimes, long enough to make a real detective sweat, threaten her livelihood and ultimately her life. Aspen's only hope is to untangle the mess before they cause permanent damage. Pursuing the truth means solving the mystery of a decade-old land deal, while juggling a quirky DJ and his dog, an eccentric paraplegic, a curious set of twins, and a flirtatious neighbor with spy gadgets.

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Meet the Author

Born in North Carolina, Kelly's stint as a Tarheel was short-lived. Whisked off to the State of Kentucky at the age of two, it was the first move of many. Along with North Carolina and Kentucky, Kelly has resided in California, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, and Texas.

After attending 13 different schools in 12 years, she became an emancipated minor and began college at the age of seventeen. With her life officially her responsibility, she discovered a few things:

- There is a down side to using a fake id
- Fish will die if your electricity is shut off when you're out of town
- Nobody believes you when you say you saw a UFO
- Not registering in time for your college classes can change your life.

How did missing the class registration deadline change Kelly's life? Visit to read the rest of her bio along with a special note about Kelly's karmic event related to writing Buying Time.