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Camp NaNoWriMo

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Camp NaNoWriMo kicks off July 1st! I'm thinking of participating-- I have varying success with NaNoWriMo, but I figure anything that pushes me toward extra words can't hurt! Anyone else thinking about being a "camper?"
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Aww! Did I miss out! I was on the fence about Camp NaNo but I could use the motivation! If anyone wants to be buddies, I'm
I'll set up a new cabin for those interested! Details momentarily...
Okay so I set up a new cabin and invited Derek & Stella. Keith, what's your username? Anyone else who wants to get in on the fun, just message me with your username and I'll add you!
derekneville said:
Invite accepted. Thanks for asking me to join your cabin. Hopefully we're not at Camp Crystal Lake...
Use Cabin At Own Risk ;)
Just invited Sarah & Keith! Shaun, if you want to be in our cabin just let me know your username
If you both want to join our cabin let me know and I'll add you. It doesn't bother me if she's not on Kboards and I'm sure everyone else feels the same! The more the merrier!!!
Maybe we should do Twitter hashtags for the cabins so we can keep up with what everyone else is doing. Like #CampKB1 and #CampKB2. Friendly word wars encouraged!
Emilia Winters said:
Any spots still open in a cabin? 'Emilia Winters' is my username. :)
Absolutely! Just added you!

FYI we have 2 spots left (+1 reserved).
Makes that 1 spot - added you S B James!
A.C. Nixon said:
Anyone have room for another camper? I don't snore. A.C.Nixon

Good luck everyone.
You're in!
1 - 11 of 76 Posts
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