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Camp NaNoWriMo

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Camp NaNoWriMo kicks off July 1st! I'm thinking of participating-- I have varying success with NaNoWriMo, but I figure anything that pushes me toward extra words can't hurt! Anyone else thinking about being a "camper?"
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I did it in April with a 30k goal and won, and I'm thinking of doing it again, but with a 20k goal this time because my work schedule gets wonky in the summer and I can't always keep to my writing schedule the way I'd like.

You should definitely give it a go. It's fun, and the excitement of being involved in something with a whole bunch of like-minded folks can be a really strong motivator. And you can pick any word goal as long as it's over 10k, so it's not as hard as November NaNo.
Dwallock said:
Can we request cabin mates?
It looks like we can this time around. I just saw something about private cabins that I'm going to check out right now.
Hey y'all. I just created a private cabin. It looks like I can invite up to eleven people to it, and then I'm assuming that they have to accept the invitation on their end.

If you'd like an invite to bunk with me, put your Camp NaNo name here in the thread, and I'll send it along. And if it matters to you at all, my genres of choice are supernatural, horror, mystery, suspense, and thriller.
MissyM said:
I'd like to join! My camp nano username is MissyMarciassa (no spaces).
When I click Invite it says that you haven't created a project yet. Let me know when you have, and I'll resend the invite.
Okay, so far I've sent invites to Missy, Mercia, and Christine. Dwallock, I tried to send one to you, but it says your user name doesn't exist. Did you leave something out of it?
Dwallock said:
Now you just need to create a project. Even if you don't know what you're going to write, just slap a title in and save it. You can change it later. Then I'll be able to send the invite.
AnyaWrites said:
I just joined if you still have room! AnyaKellyWrites :)
Still have room, but you need to create a project before I can send the invite. You can edit your project, so you can just put anything in and save it, and then change it when you figure things out. Let me know when you're done, and I'll resend the invite.
AnyaWrites said:
I added a novel, do I need to set anything else?
Apparently not. Invite sent. :)
Mercia McMahon said:
Thanks Shayne I've joined and thrown my rucksack to reserve my preferred bunk. Now to get back to the book I failed to finish at the April camp, so that I can start a new one in wonderful cabin company.
I know that feeling. I hit my goal of 30k in April but didn't finish the novel I was working on. It's at 44k now, but it's temporarily on hold, 'cause I want to finish a few shorter projects first, to see if I can maybe build up a bit of momentum.
R M Nicholls said:
Hope you still have room in the kboards cabin Shayne - I've messaged you with my Camp Nano name, RMRNicholls, and my sister's Nano name too. We live on opposite sides of the world so I was really hoping she and I could get in the same cabin. We've both created our projects and the links to our profiles is on the PM I sent.

Thanks so much for being our cabin admin! Look forward to seeing everyone at camp.
Hi, RM. I sent an invite to you a minute ago, but I didn't get the PM you sent me. I'm sure I still have room for your sister, too, so if you can just send me her name here, I'll send her an invite as well. :)
R M Nicholls said:
Hurray - I just joined, thank you! My sister is RachelJC it would be great if you could invite her too. Profile is here: Thanks a million Shayne!
Rachel is now invited. :)

And that makes a full cabin, I think. If anyone else would like to start a cabin, it's really simple to do. There should be an email in your Camp inbox on how to do it, and if you get stuck, I can help you out.
Sara C Roethle said:
If there are still spots I'll take an invite! "Sara C Roethle". Last camp I got put into cabins where only one or two people would talk (I even switched once), and it was sad. Hopefully the requests will work out. I requested two friends last time and they both requested me and each other...and none of us ended up in the same cabin.
Hi Sara. You have to create a project before I can send you an invite. Just make up any old thing and save it (you can edit it when you figure out the specifics of your project), and then I'll be able to invite you.
@ Keith, Myrrh, and Derek  So far there's only one cabin, as far as I know, and we are full to the gills. But anyone can create a cabin, and it's super-easy. First you have to create a project - just save any old name if you don't know what you're going to do, and then you can edit it later - then go to Cabin Settings, and select the option that says "I want to create my own cabin" or whatever the wording is. Then you can send invites to the others who want to join you. They accept the invitation, and you're good to go. :)
Sara C Roethle said:
Ah, crap. Did I miss out on a spot? I went ahead and set up the novel...
Nope. I was considering you our last person. I just sent the invite. :)
HansCummings said:
I'm going to give it a try this time after several years of NaNoWriMo November. July is less busy for me IRL, and has an extra day to boot! I need to try something to get my mojo back. The "competition" often motivates me to keep going. Developing the discipline to write regularly is very difficult for me.
You should try the Don't Break The Chain calendar. It's from... I think it's from the Writer's Store. It helps me write every day.
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