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Victorine said:
Rank fell. It was a dramatic drop, not a gentle decline.
Vicki, I know you're not happy about this, but it's kind of a comfort to me because sometimes I see everyone reporting continually increasing sales (per book not overall) and think I must be unique somehow. All 3 of my books have tapered over time. The mystery got down to a really discouraging number, but now seems to have found a second wind, kind of in the middle of its peak and bottom.

Putting out the second romance gave the first romance a big boost, although I put the second one out in late November and the magic of the months of December and January surely played a part. Both romances are tapering now.

Maybe there are some books for which sales keep going at a high level forever like the Energizer bunny, but I suspect for a lot of them there are only so many people open to buying a book like that from an indie and once the ways word of your particular book is getting out reaches a certain percentage of them, things slow down.

From the effect of getting my second romance out, I really believe the best solution is more books out there. Speaking of the Energizer bunny, I'm working on a third romance like that and better get back to it.
1 - 1 of 48 Posts
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