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Can Anyone Recommend a Quick and Reliable Box Set Cover Artist?

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I'm trying to run an ad for a newly created box set later this month, but my art keeps falling through. The person who did my Sword and Steel collection is a friend and writer and is simply too busy. I had sent an email to someone else, but she can't get to it for a few weeks, and my always reliable go-to guy simply needs more lead time than I have. I suddenly realized I only have something like three days or it will be too late for this month.

If someone here is an artist or knows someone who can get to this by the weekend, please let me know.

The books are The Devil's Deep, The Devil's Peak, and Implant from my signature. I already have the existing art, so I need some quick and dirty photo manip. This is my other box set to give you an idea what I'm looking for:

Sword and Steel.
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You could contact Chri at Skysweptart.  I used her for covers, and while she doesn't mention boxed sets on her site, I would think it's something she could do, and her schedule is good right now.
Good luck!
I just got my final box set image this morning from Dafeenah over at IndieDesignz. I requested it Friday evening- and that was without asking her for any specific timeframe. She's quick and she's good.
Thanks, you guys are great. I already have about five recommendations either here or via email. I'm going to start following up now. Your help is appreciated.
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