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Can anyone recommend a quick formatter?

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This request isn't for me, but for someone the g/f knows. It concerns a poetry book, so I imagine there's less text (but more issues with spacing and indents).

I don't even have time to format my own work, let alone anyone else's. I like my own formatter very much, but he has orders backed up farther than the poet is willing to wait.

The poet is less patient than I am; but is willing to pay extra for a "rush".

If the formatter in question only does Amazon files, I guess that can be ok too as long as it's complete and fast. The poet might be willing to wait some extra time before appearing on non-Amazon online venues, if that involves getting their book online a little faster.

As far as I know, there are a lot of competent formatters out there --- but there are also a lot of self-pubbers keeping them very busy. I would think that competent formatters without a backlog would be awfully rare right now, but if any are out there, I guess Kindleboards is the place to find one!
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I think Aaron Polson over at Simple Kindle Formatting can help you out:
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