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Can I cat this YA?

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I just have a quick question.

I've put my (vampire) story as 16+ cause I pretty much kill everyone with no remorse, have a little swear words and mention teen pregnancy (no sex) but now I'm writing a scene where two characters go on a blood trip and i'm wondering if i've lost the right to put it as young adult...?

Thanks kindly in advance.
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You're still in YA, but I highly recommend you put a warning on your blurb like I have on mine.  Then no one can rightfully complain because they were warned ahead of downloading.  Once I put these on my product descriptions, parental complaints stopped.

**No sex or drugs.  Yes, contains some violence and foul language - some might say excessive foul language.  Not meant for middle-grade readers (less than 15 years of age).**

**No drugs, or sex in this installment of the series. Yes, there is some violence and some foul language. This is in the DARK SCIENCE FICTION/HORROR/POST-APOCALYPTIC genres, featuring teen characters only. May not be suitable for younger, middle grade readers.**

**Contains some foul language and non-explicit sex scenes between older teens.  May not be appropriate for younger, middle-grade teens**
It should be fine as long as there's a warning. There is plenty of edgy YA with adult themes.
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