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I recently got my Kindle DX up and running after years of not being in use.

I have made a couple of posts on here seeking help in why the kindleDX itself wont show as being registered...yet on amazon website it shows as being registered to me. (i bought it new 11-25-11 and im the only owner)

Long story short, after being on the phone with amazon kindle tech support for an hour, trying everything under the sun, the final determination is there is no way to get my kindle to show its registered withing the kindle itself. The main hurdle being the time on the kindle shows as Jan 1st 1970...and there is no way for me to fix the time (in search bar type @time and the date and time will show up on the kindle)...being there is no way for me to correct the date and time is whats preventing me from having the kindle register, which is preventing me from doing other things in the kindle like "creat collections".....YET I can still get online and browse the kindle store....its just a weird situation.


Since I cant register the kindle in the settings menu, this is preventing me from "creating collections" within the kindle...I lost all my created collections when I did a factory reset trying to fix the registration issue...I need to recreate the collections.

Is there any way I can create collections on my laptop and then import them into the kindle? I do not want to do this through the amazon website....not all my books show up on amazon cloud.

Can I make folders in Kindle "Documents" when its connected to my laptop and drag and drop the books into the newly created folders? For example I have about 70 Star Trek books...can I create a Star Trek folder in documents, then drag all the star trek books into the folder......and then when I look at the Kindle I will see a "Star Trek"choice..and then click on it and have it show all of my star trek books?

I can live with the registration issue as long as there is still a way to organize all my books.

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